Four Books That Will Inspire You to Conquer the Fashion Industry

Influential figures of the fashion industry are generously spilling their tips and tricks on how they worked their way to the top, but where can you find all of this valuable information?

You can always check Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube, but if you want a detailed version of someone’s journey, look for their books. Don’t worry, I found some to get you started. Here are four books that will inspire you to build a career in fashion.

Photo by: Ariana Dimitrakis/The Fit Staff

My Paris Dream

Imagine graduating college, traveling to Paris with no secure job and working up to top positions at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. That is the life of Kate Betts.

How did she do it? In her book, she mentions every job she’s had and how she got from each one to the next. Her first big career move was landing a job at Women’s Wear Daily and meeting publisher John Fairchild. She went on to meet numerous faces of fashion, including the legendary Karl Lagerfeld.

Betts not only touches on her career in this book, but also shares her experiences as an American girl in Paris trying to find her place, adjusting to French customs and falling in love.

This is Not a Fashion Story

The title may say otherwise, but I think this book offers valuable insights on building success in the industry through the use of modern-day media.

Have you heard of We Wore What? It’s now a clothing brand, but it started out as a blog run by Long Island native Danielle Bernstein. She is now recognized as an international fashion influencer, designer, CEO and tech entrepreneur.

Bernstein shares how she went from being a 19-year-old college dropout to a successful businesswoman with a brand and strong following. Believe it or not, it only took her six months to prove that she could make a career out of her blog, and for the past ten years she’s been building on it.

Photo by: Ariana Dimitrakis/The Fit Staff

The Vogue Factor

Kirstie Clements’ story proves that you can start at the very bottom and still secure one of the highest positions in the industry. Her career started at Vogue Australia, but it wasn’t always as glamorous as it sounds. In the beginning, she worked at the reception desk where her biggest task was to answer phone calls.

Clements shares her experiences as she rose through the company’s ranks. From fashion week and photoshoots in the jungles of Africa to interviewing celebrities and being challenged by unreasonable deadlines, she worked her way up to the position of editor-in-chief at Vogue Australia.

Diana Vreeland

The fashion world can be very glamorous, especially the way Diana Vreeland experienced it. Her reign in the industry took place nearly a century ago, and in this book she shared stories from her life that she experienced while holding the positions of fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar and editor-in-chief at Vogue.

Throughout her career, she befriended Chanel, Windsor royals and countless other renowned figures. However, the glamour wasn’t only based on who she spent time with, but where she spent it. Her journey took her from English palaces to nightclubs in Paris and exclusive New York City venues reserved for high society. Her iconic and extravagant lifestyle will inspire you to build a career in the fashion industry.

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