How to Stay Informed, Yet Sane During a Global Pandemic

While COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, it seems to be all anyone and everyone is talking about.

When you turn on the TV, odds are you will be met with a reporter giving the latest updates on all things coronavirus. 

It can feel incredibly overwhelming with the constant flow of new information being released, so it’s important to find a way to stay up to date and informed without glueing your eyes to the news all day long.

Credit: stylishblogger Tumblr

Find a method of consuming news that works for you 

Whether you prefer watching TV, reading the newspaper, refreshing Twitter, or listening to the radio or a news podcast, find the method that works best for you. 

I personally love subscribing to email newsletter services such as theSkimm, CNN’S 5 Things and Wake Up Call with Katie Couric. These newsletters land in your inbox early in the morning and brief you on all the top stories, providing links and resources to read more on the topics you want.

These newsletters are a great way to gain an initial glimpse into the news everyday. Find a newsletter you connect with and make sure to read the email every morning to develop a long-lasting habit. 

Know when it’s time to tune the news out  

Especially now, it can become routine to sit in front of the news everyday for hours on end. It’s important to know yourself and when it’s time to step away and clear your mind. 

It’s easy to drive ourselves crazy with all of the sad stories being told on the news each day, so it’s important to keep your own sanity and mental health in check.

Credit: TinyBugNotes Tumblr

It is okay and normal if you feel like you need a day off from consuming any news. Turning those push notifications off and stepping away from the news cycle for a day can be healthy during a time like this. If something groundbreaking happens, odds are you will still hear about it. 

Don’t believe everything you read 

Make sure you are consuming news from a diverse array of sources. You may notice some networks and papers reporting opposite news from each other, so it’s a good habit to read from multiple perspectives to compare and contrast. 

It’s not a great look to be the person who sends an article into your group chat the second you read it without verifying the information. There is a lot of fake news out there, and it’s better to know the information is accurate before causing panic among your friends and family. 

Capitalize on the good news 

It’s not a crime to celebrate the good news right now!

If you hear a coronavirus hospital unit has cleared out their patients, or a small business has found success during these times, that is certainly a reason to celebrate. Every step in the right direction is a victory.

Finding ‘good news’ sources such as John Krasinski’s, Some Good News Youtube channel, can be a great way to lift your spirit and remember all the good in the world. 

Credit: Some Good News

Find what works with your lifestyle and run with it. These are new times and we are all figuring it out as we go. 

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