Walking: The Most Underrated Exercise

Physical activity doesn’t need to be super complicated. A daily walk with friends and family can help you live a healthier life. Walking has become increasingly popular during quarantine, and many are discovering the vast benefits to this simple, yet effective, form of physical movement.

Photo by: Emily Cooper/The Fit Staff

Maintain a healthy weight 

Interested in a cardio workout without going to the gym? Try walking. Exercise doesn’t always have to leave you feeling exhausted to see the benefits. You can make the workout easier or more difficult based on speed, resistance, and distance of your choice.

Mental health benefits

Along with the physical benefits of exercising, walking has various mental health benefits. It has been shown to prevent depression, lower anxiety and stress levels, while overall improving one’s mood. Stress eating has become more and more common in quarantine. Walking helps curb these cravings by reducing stress hormone production. Especially now, walking can mitigate those negative feelings of stress and boredom. 

Muscle toning

Walking can strengthen and shape your legs. The simple movement simultaneously tones your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes. To increase body toning, walking on hills and increasing your speed will help define your leg muscles. 

Helps with food digestion

Taking a walk in general helps to boost your metabolism and aids digestion. However, a post-meal walk speeds up the digestive process and, in turn, reduces bloating. 

Improves sleep

Even a short five minute walk will help you fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep due to releases of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.

Now it’s time to get off your couch and go walk it out socially distanced with your friends!

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