Black-Owned Fashion, Makeup and Jewelry Brands to Support

After the tragic death of George Floyd, protestors have been marching, activists have been speaking out and many are trying to figure out how they can contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

While our social media has been filled with resources, petitions and donation funds, the clear echoing message is “take this movement beyond your Instagram feed.” While social media activism is one step, the push for change cannot remain within the confines of black square posts and Venmo bingo boards. 

Credit: Ella Fabozzi

We shared a guide with first steps towards making a greater difference in the demand for justice. Amplify and make space for black voices, take time to reflect on your own privilege, how you can be actively anti-racist and REGISTER TO VOTE! 

Monetary donations are not the be-all and end-all to create change, but if you are online shopping during your summer quarantine, continue making a difference by checking out these black-owned clothing, makeup and jewelry stores to support (these businesses are also already taking a hard financial hit due to COVID-19). While Vogue, New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan have developed comprehensive lists of black-owned businesses, we are highlighting eight we believe align with the style, budget and values of The Fit Magazine readers. 


Girl Next Door, (@shop.gnd

After finding it difficult to personally align with the messaging of most major brands, Synahia Tigner started Girl Next Door with a powerful message of highlighting individuality and spunk. 

Synahia shares on her website, ”Not only do I love a good look, but even more inspiring for me is the person behind the clothes. Where does your killer sense of style come from? What drives your passion for creativity? What is it that you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today? And most importantly, what makes you strong and keeps you going?”

Featuring muted pastel colors, Girl Next Door provides the ultimate wardrobe for the edgy, girly girl. 

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Credit: @shop.gnd Instagram
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Credit: @shop.gnd Instagram

Shop St. Cole, (@shopstcole

Owned by Nicole Hernandez, Shop St. Cole sells resort-style pieces for those who love to travel. Hernandez got started in the fashion industry with her blog, Fashionably Informed, but always dreamed about owning her own store. 

Shop St. Cole features wide brim hats perfect for the beach, cozy loungewear and whimsical, bohemian dresses. 

Credit: @shopstcole Instagram 

Good Sinners, (@goodsinners)

Good Sinners aims to bring people together with garments that portray positive messages. Right now, the website is taking 40 percent off your entire purchase during the week of June 1 with the code: BLM. A percentage of all sales will go toward The Minnesota Freedom Fund. Good Sinners always stands behind the power of philanthropic service, typically offering to donate five percent of your purchase to the charity of your choice. 

Check out Good Sinners comfy sweatshirts with inspiring messages, their trendy tie-dye apparel and masks. Good Sinners is a unique way to rep an influential message. 



CVTD Beauty, @cvtdbeauty 

Adia Goss created CVTD Beauty after feeling overwhelmed with the shopping experience at larger retailers, and craving a more personalized experience. She runs a beauty and lifestyle blog, Adia Adores, which she used to establish herself in the beauty industry. 

All products are cruelty-free, and include natural and organic ingredients. CVTD Beauty allows you to shop by skincare concern, and their site features a blog with skincare tips, as well as a large array of lip products. 

Credit: @cvtdbeauty Instagram
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KNC Beauty, @kncbeauty 

Kristen Noel Crawley became obsessed with the idea of smooth, “ready to kiss at any moment” lips. After finding no natural lip masks on the market, she made her own, and KNC Beauty was formed. 

She created the first all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask that according to Bustle, serves as Kylie Jenner’s secret to plump, luscious lips. 

KNC Beauty sells lip masks, infused lip balms, as well as retinol infused eye masks in  colorful, flirty packaging. 

Credit: @kncbeauty  Instagram 
Credit: @kncbeauty  Instagram 

BEAUTY BAKERIE, @beautybakeriemakeup 

Founded by Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakeries mission is “…To be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. We are committed to encouraging men and women to feel both empowered and beautiful,” according to the company website. Beauty Bakerie gives back by donating money, clothes, toys and more to orphanages around the world. 

The beauty products are cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan. With lipsticks named Cinnamon Churro, Do it for the Graham Eyeshadow Palette, and Coffee & Coco Bronzing Palette, the beauty products have fun, bakery inspired names. 



Yam NYC, @yam_nyc

Morgan Thomas was inspired to start her own jewelry company after her mom bought her a jewelry-making book as a child. With a focus on sustainability and upcycled materials, Yam is dedicated to Thomas’ late mother. 

Featuring gold hoops, pearl detailing and unique, never before seen earring shapes, Yam NYC has uniquely crafted jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. 


SHOP SOKO, @shopsoko

Gwendolyn Floyd, Catherine Mahugu and Ella Peinovich founded Soko to inspire and unite powerful, creative women. All of the jewelry is produced in Kenya with ethical standards. Soko is committed to beautiful jewelry, fair work standards for their employees and spreading powerful messages to all women. 

Soko sells a large variety of hoop earrings with bold detailing and beautiful, delicate pendant necklaces. Their pieces are truly one of a kind. 


Cover image credit: KNC Beauty

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