Why I Don’t Support the Chloe Ting Challenges

Chloe Ting, a YouTube fitness superstar, has become a designated personal trainer you can access from the comfort of your own bedroom. 

While gyms have closed and free time has piled up during quarantine, everyone has had to get creative with their at-home workouts. 

We recently wrote about the best online fitness classes to take advantage of during quarantine, and Chloe Ting was one of our recommendations. 

Ting posts 10 to 30 minute workouts on her YouTube channel, which she started in 2016. She posts a large variety of workouts, and currently has 10.5 million subscribers and 286 videos.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love Chloe Ting workouts.

A typical quarantine workout for me will consist of two or three Ting YouTube videos. I choose the workouts I am in the mood to do that day, and only workout on the days I want to. Ting’s videos are easy to follow, she motivates you to power through the workout, and she helps you get in a great sweat. 

While I love Ting’s workouts, I cannot stand behind her workout “challenges.”

On her site, Ting features numerous free workout programs. The programs range from 15 days to eight weeks and focus on different parts of the body. Examples of programs include “28 Days Flat Tummy Challenge,” “25 Days Slim Thigh Challenge” and “25 Days Hourglass Challenge.”

Credit: Chloe Ting Youtube

These challenges promote unrealistic body expectations 

Instead of promoting specific differences in your body, it’s healthier to promote an overall change in how you feel from your workouts. 

Promoting a “flat stomach,” “slim thighs” or “big booty” marks these features as the ideal body type, causing people to feel insecure when they don’t fit into these categories. 

If someone does not feel as though they can obtain these standards, they can end up spiraling, obsessing over their body and working themselves too hard. 

A healthy workout routine includes planning for the rest of your life, not just a two week period every once in a while. If you want to truly feel healthy, start integrating fitness into your life little by little, until you don’t even question it as part of your routine. 

Instead of working towards abs in a two week period, try doing something active every day for two weeks for at least half an hour. Whether that is a walk, bike ride, or a yoga / stretching class, getting your body moving will help clear your mind and help you start feeling great.  

Credit: Pinterest

I like to mix up my workouts

I personally only completed one Chloe Ting challenge: the “Two Week Summer Shred.” 

While the exercises were fabulous, I became bored of doing the same thing day after day. 

I prefer to mix up my workouts and try new things. Maybe one day I want to go on an outdoor run, another day a ride on the Peloton bike, and the next I want to play tennis with my mom. 

I also would rather not focus on training one specific part of my body, but work out my entire body. While a specific ab- or arm-focused workout is great, I find that focusing more on what workout I want to do rather than what part of my body I want to work out helps me achieve better results.  

Credit: Rachel Parcell Pinterest

I don’t want to feel pressured to work out everyday

Most Ting challenges include two to three rest days throughout the entirety of the program. That means you are working out every. single. day. over a longer period of time, besides your minimal rest days while you are completing a challenge.

While I am someone who loves to exercise and remain active, there was nothing I disliked more about my two week challenge than the constant pressure to work out. 

I have to be in the right mindset and mood when I am working out. If it’s a lazy rainy day and I just want to eat gummy bears for lunch and lay in bed all day, I found it difficult to force myself to workout according to Ting’s schedule. 

I prefer the flexibility of waking up every morning and deciding if I want to work out that day. The pressure from the challenges had me dreading my workouts and some days they felt like a chore.

If you give yourself the freedom to decide when, what and how you want to work out, it will not feel like torture but rather an enjoyable use of time, becoming an activity you look forward to.

After I completed my two week challenge, I felt stronger, had more stamina throughout the workout and was able to execute the exercises better over time. However, I did not obtain abs by the end. 

While I will continue to integrate Chloe Ting into my workout routine, I will not be working to complete another one of her challenges. 

Although, having goals in mind and structuring ways to achieve them is great, there are other ways to feel accomplished than by following a strict and rigid Chloe Ting challenge. Don’t let her short-term, unrealistic fantasies get you down. 

Photo by: Gabi Falk/The Fit Editors

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