Letter from the Editors: Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Dear Readers,

One month ago we launched The Fit Magazine, and all we can say is “wow.”

A concept that began as a quarantine passion project has started to grow before our eyes, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

For the six of us, having a goal-oriented mission has helped to add structure, purpose and energy in what was becoming a dull routine. Every time we gained a new Instagram follower, received positive feedback on an article or a text from a friend asking how they could get involved with The Fit, we had the biggest smiles on our faces, and our passion was refueled all over again.

The progression of The Fit Magazine in our first month has shown us the beauty of how we can all make “lemonade out of lemons,” no matter the circumstances. 

We now have a staff of over 40 students, representing multiple college campuses such as Lehigh University, Boston University, the University of Michigan, Colgate University and the University of Wisconsin. We are so excited for all the amazing content and initiatives our staff will take on, and know it will help propel The Fit to the next level. 

We have been inspired by those we have interviewed for our website, such as Madi Kahn and Jules Seelig, who started Haute Takes Podcast after being furloughed from their corporate jobs at Macy’s. We heard from Madison Ernst, who shared her personal journey towards body positivity and self acceptance. We had the opportunity to sit down with Julia Haber, the founder of Home From College, and learn about the innovative ways she is helping students combat the struggles COVID has brought upon young professionals trying to enter the workspace. 

All of these amazing women, plus many more, embody the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons. They show us how even when things may not be going your way, creativity and determination can take you far beyond your assumed potential.

Right now we are living through a period of history unlike anything before. 

The refocused attention on the Black Lives Matter movement in our society has reinforced the importance of using your voice and your platform to advocate for change and progress. This is the time to learn, listen, reflect and re-evaluate. 

It feels as though there is a shift in mindsets. Voices are being heard and long overdue changes are becoming enacted. Protestors are making waves, legislation is being reevaluated and the importance of getting out to vote with an upcoming presidential election is being stressed now more than ever. 

While The Fit aims to be a collaborative space for students, we also pledge to advocate for what is right, highlight diverse voices and create a space for everyone to share their opinions. 

In the most turbulent of times, there is and will be a way to come out the other side stronger and improved. We are here to propel this mission forward.


The Fit Editors 

Ariana Dimitrakis, Annalise Kelloff, Emily Cooper, Gabi Falk, Julia DiRubbo and Shana Lichaw

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