How Remi Lubcher Snipped and Styled Custom College Wear into a Career

When the fashion industry was lacking in creative college apparel, Remi Lubcher responded by building Snipped and Styled, one of the original college tailgate and everyday wear brands that have inspired a new trend for students.

Remi Lubcher, Credit: @remilub

Snipped and Styled features cut up and redesigned shirts, joggers, sweatshirts and bandeaus that have transformed the way millennial and Gen Z students represent their campuses. Each piece is handmade and unique, hence the brand’s motto: one of a kind clothes for one of a kind girls.

“I feel like that’s what’s shaped the brand,” Lubcher said. “That each piece is unique and different, and that each girl is unique and different, and not everything can be manufactured.”

Her inspiration for the brand developed when she committed to Syracuse University in 2014. Unsatisfied with the bookstore apparel options, she decided to cut up and style a look that better fit her personality. 

After wearing her new piece on decision day, she received amazing feedback from her friends and classmates. That was when she began cutting more shirts, and the brand took off.

Snipped and Styled now makes appearances at trunk shows, boutiques and retail stores, including Vanilla Sky and Mixology.

With over 12 thousand followers on Instagram, Snipped and Styled drives traffic into retail stores, providing customers with the perfect opportunity to pair a Snipped and Styled top with a trendy new pair of jeans.

When COVID-19 hit, all in-person events were canceled, and Lubcher had to pivot the brand into a 100 percent digital and e-commerce platform. 

“I have my website that is live every single day, but I wanted to make it more of an immersive experience in a way that I could connect with my consumers,” Lubcher said.

As juniors and seniors in high school were losing opportunities to tour prospective campuses, Lubcher launched the Instagram Live Series, “College Power Hours.” Every Tuesday and Thursday, she partners with a student and an alum from a college, and dedicates an entire hour to answering consumer questions and helping prospective students understand what school might be the right fit for them.

“It’s how we’re being a lifestyle brand and almost acting like a big sister for people who don’t necessarily know someone on a college campus,” Lubcher said. “We want to be that big sister figure for them to lean on.”

Over 20 sessions have been posted so far, and Lubcher said she hopes to continue this new project even after the pandemic.

Building connections with consumers and starting with an original idea are two factors that contributed to the brand’s growth over the last six years.

“I think that being the first [custom college apparel brand] allowed me to establish myself and kind of develop this whole brand and category in and of itself,” Lubcher said. “From there, we’ve always been authentic, honest and open with our consumers on Instagram. I think that’s something that everyone can see and the reason why not only have we continued to grow, but we’ve kept our followers from way back when, in 2014.”

Lubcher is the founder and CEO, but with increasing demand from consumers, she has hired a team to help her with cutting shirts, responding to emails and managing social media. While she studied abroad in Barcelona, the company ran entirely out of Syracuse with the help of her staff on campus.

While Lubcher started Snipped and Styled before she went to college, she never intended for it to become a full-time job. 

After graduating from Syracuse, where she majored in advertising at the Newhouse School of Public Communications and minored in entrepreneurship, she began working at 360i, a media agency where she does advertising for Saks Fifth Avenue.

“It’s something I love and I went to school for, and it’s given me a lot of structure in my day-to-day [life],” Lubcher said. “But running the business, it just fulfills me so much and all the girls who work for me and my whole team, so it’s totally something I could do full time. But right now, I’m able to do, essentially, two full-time jobs. So that’s what I’ve been doing.”

The support and expansion of Snipped and Styled fulfilled Lubcher, but she said her favorite part is interacting and connecting with her customers.

“I’ve had the opportunity to engage and meet them and message them, and that’s definitely my favorite thing,” Lubcher said. “It’s so rewarding, it’s so special and it’s something I love.”

Visit Snipped and Styled to find your own favorite pieces!

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