Five Shops Where Petite Women Can Find Their Perfect Fit

As I come close to starting my junior year of college, I’ve recognized a pattern that has stayed consistent throughout my entire educational experience so far. As I run across campus to catch up with friends and stand on my tiptoes to reach books at the library, I’ve accepted the fact that I am one of the smallest, most petite students in my classroom. 

Measuring just under 5 feet, I’ve struggled to find clothes that fit both my style and my body correctly in a flattering fashion. Pants run too large, dresses leave me looking too frumpy and heels rarely fit right when you have a size 4-5 foot and size 00 body at the age of 20. However, as time has passed, and I have grown accustomed to my petiteness, I’ve not only discovered my style, but also where to find trendy clothes that have the right, appealing fit. For those in a similar position, here are my top favorite stores for petite-sized fashion.

  1. Madewell

For those searching for the perfect tiny jeans, but are stuck with cropped jeans that are too long or ripped jeans that just aren’t placed right— look no further. Madewell offers a variety of different styles and sizes that fit a wide range of female body types. 

It even has its own petite fashion line focused on those who are 5’4 and below. This particular line offers jeans from a 23 inch waist to a 45.5 inch waist. Along with jeans, the petite line also, of course, includes stylish shirts, dresses and other types of clothing. 

Including Madewell’s petite, tall and plus-size fashion lines, sizes range from 000 XXS to 24 3X. Overall, Madewell is very size-inclusive, leaving anyone who shops there looking their best.

  1. Fabletics

Owned by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has been my go-to for all things athletic wear. Because I’m an avid runner, I’m always looking for cute leggings. However, I’m rarely able to find a pair that doesn’t hang loose around my ankles. 

When I first bought a pair of Fabletics leggings, my self-confidence instantly climbed. The way I looked  in leggings completely changed when I wore my XXS sized Fabletics. No baggy fabric in the back, no looseness around my ankles— just the perfect fit. 

Not only is the quality great, but new VIP members get a two for $24 deal when they first sign up and can cancel at any time. Sizes range from 24 inch waist (XXS) to 47 inch waist (4X). Fabletics provides a great way to stay stylish while exercising for all body shapes, proving to be one of my favorite brands for those who are petite.

Credit: @Fabletics Twitter
  1. Steve Madden 

One of the most difficult things about being on the smaller side is finding shoes that fit well and aren’t from the children’s section. As a size 4 (depending on the brand, sometimes a 5), I’ve had to resort to looking at shoes geared toward small children— typically with bright colors and covered in glitter. Recently, though, I’ve discovered one of my favorite places to find heels, sandals and boots that look and make me feel my age. 

Steve Madden offers women’s shoes in sizes 4-12. Before wearing this brand, shoes did not give me much height and left me feeling younger than I am. Being able to choose from a great array of styles— casual to professional—  Steve Madden has 100 percent changed that for me. 

Credit: @shesfarrout Instagram
  1. ASOS

ASOS is one of my favorite stores to shop at when I’m looking for size-inclusive dresses, swimsuits and shoes to add to my closet. Every time I’ve purchased clothes from ASOS, I am pleasantly surprised by the fit. I’ve even accidentally bought clothes that are too small on me, which, despite the mistake, was refreshing. However, sizing up is definitely a good idea. 

ASOS has clothing sizes from 00 (XXS) to 26 (L), more geared to those who are petite, and shoes that start at size 4 and go up to 10. I’ve bought many clothes from ASOS, experimenting with the many different styles they offer, and am always pleased with the look.

Credit: via Pinterest

  1. Topshop

Although Topshop is last on my list of favorite petite-sized stores, it is still a notable option. Primarily found in the United Kingdom, Topshop offers its smallest US size in a 0 (XS) and its largest size in a 14 (XL). In addition to this, Topshop clothes tend to run on the smaller side. I’d recommend even going up one size when purchasing their clothing, if you feel the need to. 

Outside of clothing, Topshop’s shoes run from size 4.5 to 10.5, but, again,  run small. They also have their own separate petite line. There are many options and sizes available, even outside of the petite line, which makes Topshop one of my favorite places to shop.

Credit: @topshop Pinterest

Many of the fiercest and most fashionable women in today’s spotlight are some of the most petite. To name a few: Reese Witherspoon, Ariana Grande, Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga and many more iconic women. 

Despite the great feeling that comes with well-fitting clothes, it’s important to keep in mind that, in the end, the clothes don’t make the person; the person makes the clothes. A confident mentality is everything, while appearance can only get you so far. Clothes only work to enhance the confidence we petite individuals already possess. 

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