Why Quarantine is the Best Time to go Vegan

Before COVID-19, the bustle of everyday life prevented many individuals from trying different activities. Spending countless hours at home has pushed many to discover new passions and trends, and try out new hobbies, workout routines, and food recipes.

If you are looking for another healthy change to make during quarantine, we have the answer: a vegan diet.

But you may be asking, how will going vegan help me?

Becoming vegan offers a clean and healthy lifestyle that will replenish your body. 

By having a balanced vegan diet that includes supplements and vitamins, there are tremendous benefits for the human body.

Going vegan can limit the risk of illnesses and health concerns, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Animal products are often very rich in saturated fats and cholesterol, hurting the human body more than doing good. 

Credit: Elsa’s Wholesome Life Blog

Going vegan is healthier for the environment and better for endangered animal species. 

Besides being unhealthy for humans, the meat industry produces a considerable amount of carbon gas emissions. These emissions escalate the rate of climate change and affect air quality/pollution. Additionally, deforestation in locations like the Amazon rainforest caused by meat companies threatens indigenous groups and animal species. Many animals are forced to relocate, causing many ecosystems to be damaged and pushed towards extinction. 

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Credit: Pinterest 

But how could I give up ice cream, pizza, burgers, and milkshakes?

Going vegan still offers many delicious options. 

You would be surprised by the number of vegan alternatives that can be found at local grocery stores and restaurants. Many of these substitutes taste the same as their meat and dairy counterparts while still being healthier. The plant-based industry continues to grow and produce more delicious food options for vegetarians and vegans. Now is the perfect time to convert to a better and more beneficial diet! 

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Credit: Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen Vegan Fudge Brownie Recipe

Tips to maintain a vegan diet. 

During the school year, many college students do not have adequate vegan options on and off-campus. Students who commute and work may not have the time to search and buy vegan meals. Others have busy schedules that prevent them from taking the initiative to make a diet change. While people may have more time at home, other variables may hinder their ability to go vegan. However, if you have the economic ability and ample time to make this change, it is worth the effort. 

Some tips that will help you maintain a vegan diet after quarantine include finding your favorite snacks, trying easy recipes, stocking up on supplements/vitamins, and monitoring your progress. Trying out different snacks from the store or even making them at home will allow you to find food that is easy to eat on the go or when you’re just craving something appetizing. By finding dishes/snacks that you enjoy during quarantine, making, or buying these snacks will become conventional. Also, finding supplements/vitamins that work best for your body and add necessary nutrients to your diet will guarantee you have enough energy to go back to work, school, etc. Finally, monitoring your progress will give you the motivation to continue to improve your health and maintain a vegan diet. Be proud of your progress and continue to strive towards better health goals. 

To learn more, check out the wide range of informative podcasts, documentaries, and recipes for easy yet delicious vegan meals below:

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Recipe books and websites for cooking inspiration:

Vegan Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Vegan Recipes for Healthy Living by Matt Goleman

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Vegan Recipes section on allrecipes.com

Credit: allrecipes.com, Vegan Zucchini Noodles

Cover image credit: Ultimate Foodie Guide to Bali – Elsa’s Wholesome Life Blog

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