From Beat to Bare: How I Transformed My Beauty Routine During Covid-19

I used to be the girl who wore a full face of makeup every single day, and that’s absolutely not an exaggeration. I never felt confident enough in my own skin to be able to rock my bare face.

To class you could catch me in a CC cream, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlight, and that’s just the face makeup. I’d go light on the eyes with just mascara, but I’d still have my look complete with brows and a shiny lip gloss. 

When my first set of college finals rolled around, I realized my lifestyle wasn’t exactly sustainable for a busy student. I didn’t have the leisure time in the mornings to put on makeup, especially when the only people who would see it were my study buddies and the barista at the library coffee shop. 

That’s when I began to wear less makeup. I would conceal my under eyes and blemishes if necessary, comb my brows with gel, and finish with mascara and a chapstick. I slowly adjusted to this new version of myself with less makeup on a daily basis. 


Then COVID-19 hit. I wasn’t seeing anybody except for my own family. We were taking social distancing extremely seriously, which meant there was even less of a need to wear any makeup. It’s not that I wear makeup to appeal to others – I don’t feel that way at all. 

I wear makeup to feel like my most confident self. And while yes, of course there were days I added some product to feel better for myself and only myself, I am a practical person. It felt like a waste of my makeup resources to cake my face only to do my spring semester in a makeshift ‘office’ in a guest bedroom. 

Quarantine allowed for  me to refine my makeup skills, and reevaluate which products I really needed to use everyday.  Now I have an entirely new routine I intend to keep up with. Some of my new favorite products are ones that are much lighter and allow my natural features, like freckles and bushy brows, to shine through. 

Something I wasn’t taking seriously pre-coronavirus was the importance of SPF. Quarantine has given many people the opportunity to better themselves, and consistently wearing sun protection on my face is something I needed to to take more seriously. I’m actually allergic to the common sunscreen ingredient Oxybenzone, so a great SPF I use is Glossier’s Invisible Shield. I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks, and my extremely sensitive skin has had no issues. 

Glossier Invisible Shield, Credit: Glossier Website

Another great Glossier product I’ve been loving is the Perfecting Skin Tint. As someone who typically favors a medium to heavy coverage, a product this sheer is something I was intentionally seeking. You apply it with your fingers, and it is a great way to even out a natural skin tone and eliminate redness. The brand’s Stretch Concealer is another product I’ve been trying out and have really been loving. It’s also extremely lightweight, but has much more coverage than the Skin Tint. I’m really a fan. Luckily, the two come in a duo to save some extra moolah. 

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, Credit: Glossier Website

My be-all, end-all mascara is still Black Magic by Eyeko and is available to purchase at Anthropology or directly off Eyeko’s site. I love a non-clumpy look that still lengthens and curls without ruining the natural beauty of your lashes. 

Finally, on a non-makeup related note, I’ve been letting my hair air-dry. I’ve damaged it enough with blow dryers and straighteners, but I truly believed those were my only options to tame my frizzy hair. Bumble & Bumble’s Don’t Blow It is an amazing cream applied to the hair when wet to control your air-dried hair. There are two formulas to choose from depending on the thickness of your hair.

Credit: @avreyovard Instagram

These are only some of the products I’ve been incorporating into my daily routine that I intend to stick with post-quarantine. I’ve been loving these lighter, more manageable products for summer, and I hope you guys do, too! Feel free to comment if you give any of these a try, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Cover image credit: fromSandyxo Blog

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