2000’s Trends Making a Comeback in Summer 2020

You know how it goes… “what’s old is new again.”  

If the best part of your childhood was helping your mom clean out her closet in the hopes of finding her old Levi’s or a distressed college hoodie- and wearing those items nonstop- that was your first glance into the art of bringing old styles back years later.

We’ve seen this cycle countless times. Something is super trendy, then it goes out of style and we all question “who on earth let me dress like that?!” (In my opinion, Crocs, low-rise anything and side ponytails can all rest in peace and let the new trends take center stage).   

Me rocking my yellow crocs circa 2007

During summer 2020, many trends from our childhood have been having a major comeback moment. While your first thought may be “I cannot wear that, I will feel like I’m back in middle school,” do not fear. 

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and there certainly is a way to reclaim your awkward pre-teen years and rock these trends as a glowed up queen. 

Here are some trends The Fit Magazine has noticed have been super popular this summer, bringing us back to the days of “High School Musical” and spin the bottle. 

Biker shorts 

Some love it, some love to hate it. 

I was extremely hesitant when I saw these mid-length shorts being worn again. I instantly shuddered, thinking of my fifth grade self that was constantly running around in Justice biker shorts. 

After biting the bullet and purchasing a pair, I am back on the bandwagon. 

Biker shorts are great to wear during a hot summer workout when leggings would make you pass out, and they’re fun to dress up with a graphic T-shirt for a casual, edgy look. 

They’re practical and comfortable, yet fashion forward. 

Credit: Pinterest

Here are some great options from Target and Nike to help you get back into this trend! 


Every morning as I got ready for first grade, my biggest question was which headband matched my outfit best?! 

Headbands are very practical for summer, whether they are keeping your hair out of your face at the beach or serving as a chic accessory to elevate an outfit. 

I love pairing a black bathing suit with a fun patterned headband for a day at the beach or pool. While I’ve been reminded of my younger days watching “Eloise at the Plaza” and admiring her headband look, I’ve been feeling like a modern day Blair Waldorf when I’m out sporting one.  

Here’s some options from JCrew and H&M to help you rock the newest hair trend. 

Tie Dye 

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Courtesy of: Shana Lichaw

While everyone’s uncle’s third cousin’s twice-removed sister’s dog starting a tie-dye business during quarantine has elevated the movement, it seems as though the colorful trend is here to stay. 

This trend has taken us back to our childhood days full of rubber bands and learning tie-dye patterns at sleepaway camp, and then your whole bunk wore matching shirts the next day to show off to the rest of the camp. 

While buying tie dye is fun, actually taking the time to tie dye yourself will really bring you back to your youth. 

Check out Jayla Loren Apparel for some unique tie dye pieces. 


If you didn’t dress in all neon as an ‘80s workout girl for Halloween, you were doing it wrong.

~the essence of fashion~

This bright movement will really have you mourning the loss of American Apparel retail stores, because where else sells that much neon?

Neon has been popping up left and right, with the bright colors adding a fun vibe to an otherwise dull, quarantine-filled summer. 

A neon workout set can help propel your workout to the next level, while a neon bathing suit can elevate your confidence on the beach. 

Credit: @withloveandjules Instagram 

Check out neon bathing suits, sweatshirts and workout sets to brighten your wardrobe.

Fanny Packs / Belt Bags 

What was once seen as something young moms carried their phones and wallets in while herding their kids around Disney World is now a sleek and practical accessory.

Fanny packs can give an otherwise average outfit that “it” factor, while also being a safe keeping for your personal belongings. 

The fanny pack has somewhat evolved into the more mature belt bag. 

I think wearing a belt bag across your chest gives off major “girl boss” and “don’t mess with me” vibes. 

If you are looking to wear a belt bag, check out this option from Free People. If you want a fanny pack for a more sporty look, or to utilize on a hike, check out this one from Adidas. 

Credit: Pinterest

So get out there, start rocking these trends and you’ll feel like we are back in the 2000’s.

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