Bandanas: The Trend that Keeps on Coming Back

With COVID-19 on the rise across America, my summer routine has looked much different than I thought it would. Instead of getting ready to go out and catch up with hometown friends, I’m sticking to sweats and barely leaving the house— the fridge being as far as I’ll go. 

Yet, when I do decide to leave my house to run essential errands, I’ve noticed the recent rising popularity in a trend that seems to always come and go in mainstream fashion culture: bandanas. The bandana was definitely a bold staple piece throughout the ‘90s, but it has reappeared as many look to protect themselves from the raging pandemic that is plaguing everyday life. 

For those without an array of fashionable masks to wear out, bandanas have become the perfect substitute to shield society from harm’s way. Regardless of my impressive collection of protective masks accumulated since March, my go-to summer accessory has continued to be the bandana. 

Bandanas not only serve a much greater purpose today, but can also be incorporated into your style in slightly different ways. If you’re like me and prepared to venture out in a mask, here are some other creative ways you can make use out of that bandana:

  1. Head Wrap

Of course we have to start with my favorite way to style a bandana. To get this chic, low effort look, first begin by folding the square bandana into the shape of a triangle. Then, lay the fabric against your head, with the base edge of the bandana placed near your hairline. Take the two ends of the bandana situated on the side of your face and tie them together at the back of your head. Lastly, if you choose to, take some front strands of your hair out of the bandana to better frame your face and voila! You’re done and looking fab. 

  1. Ponytail Wrap

On casual days when I’m not doing much but want to somehow dress up my look, I like to tie a bandana around either a high or low ponytail. All you have to do is collect your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a regular hair band for additional support. Then, take your bandana and tie it around the hair you’ve just styled. Simple! A classic ponytail is one of my favorite ways to do my hair, but it is sometimes in need of a little refresher. Bandanas are a perfect way to do just that while using barely any effort.

  1. Topknot

Getting ready for the day after rolling out of bed can be oh-so difficult, making styling your hair less than desirable. On days like these, I revert to a simple messy bun. But why not spice it up by adding a bandana to trick people into thinking that you didn’t sleep through your alarm? 

To achieve this look, start by folding your bandana in half repeatedly until it forms a  narrow line. Next, tie the bandana around your bun like a hair tie. Feel free to tuck in any loose ends. And there it is— the perfect way to look put-together when you need it the most.

  1. Classic headband

Avoid those annoying headaches wearing normal headbands can cause and use a bandana instead! To do this, fold your square bandana in half and repeat until it’s a thin line, similar to the previous look. From here, I like to tie the two ends of my bandana together at the front of my head. If you prefer, you can tie it together at the back instead, where your hair hides the knot. If not satisfied by the way that the ends of the bandana stick up when tied in the front, you can tuck them in— creating a knot on the top of your new headband. This look is so versatile, leaving you looking your best anywhere you go. 

  1. Neck tie

A great way to style a bandana that doesn’t involve your hair is by simply tying it around your neck. This is a perfect way to go when none of your necklaces seem to be speaking to you. You can add this look to any outfit by folding the bandana, again, into a thin line and then tying the ends together around your neck. I like to tighten the bandana when it’s around my neck to achieve what is similar to a choker, but you can also leave it as is for a more loose look. If you choose, you can also hide the ends of the bandana by moving them to the back of your neck. Either way, you’re sure to add that extra flare to your style. 

While bandanas have now re-emerged as a trend under much different circumstances than in the ‘90s, they seem to never lose their style or their longevity. I hope these simple looks serve as new style inspiration during this somewhat lackluster period of our lives. 

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