Happy Jack: Continuing the Legacy

Jack Nathan created Happy Jack, a community for the misunderstood, to unite and relate about anxiety, while appreciating the beauty that lies underneath the struggle. Jack designed and sold clothing, donating a portion of each sale to the Child Mind Institute, an independent, national nonprofit devoted to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health. Jack lived by the motto to do “what is important to you. Otherwise you’ll end up being normal, and normal is boring.” Jack recently tragically passed away. 

After hearing the devastating news of their best friend’s death, Matthew Delseni and Brandon Dorflaufer knew they had to keep Jack’s legacy alive.

To help keep Jack’s legacy alive and honor his loving memory, The Fit Magazine asked Happy Jack’s creative director Delseni to share words about Jack and his clothing line. 

*Written by: Matthew Delseni*

Happy Jack was conceived with a purpose beyond just selling paintings, shirts and hoodies to his friends. Jack wanted to help others that could relate to his struggle with his battle with anxiety and depression, and with that, Happy Jack was just the first step.

Jack Nathan

Jack wasn’t content with how the world currently operates on such bendable morals, and he was determined to show kids that it is okay to have anxiety and actually talk about it. The more you communicate about your struggles with others, you will find that you are not alone, and every gear and mechanism in your brain is operating at that pace for a reason. 

That is how Jack and I grew so close to one another. We opened up to each other about our anxiety and helped pick each other up when one of us was down. We both realized our minds worked differently than the vast majority of others and decided to view our anxieties as gifts, because without them we wouldn’t be able to manifest what we did in the time we had together. 

Jack Nathan

We directed our energy into art and design, not only because we shared a strong passion for it, but it also became our coping mechanism for when our minds started to race. Now, with Jack’s absence, it is extremely difficult to accept that I don’t have my evil twin to do life with, but I made a promise to his family to finish what he started. 

Jack Nathan and Matthew Delseni

Jack and I both were disgusted with how little the fashion industry does to help anyone but themselves–it is my goal now to change that. From the first collection, Jack was able to donate $1,000 to The Child Mind Institute, and I vividly remember him on the phone with one of their representatives saying: “I cannot wait until there’s a few more zeroes tacked on that number.” 

And there will be. I will make sure of it. We will never stop giving back.

 Jack Nathan is a legend, and he will always be remembered as one. The world will know his name very soon, and Happy Jack is not going anywhere but up. 

Long Live Jack Nathan, Happy Jack Forever.

Check out Happy Jack’s website to learn more about their cause and shop their unique clothing. 

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