Welcome to Friends with Benefits

Hi there and welcome to Friends with BeneFITs… The Fit Magazine’s column on all things sex, love, relationships and more.

We want to bring you back to the good old days of reading Seventeen Magazine and immediately skipping to the hookup section to read about how Jane got felt up by Blake in the back of his car after the homecoming dance (gasp!). 

We hope this column can serve as a safe space to come together, share stories, find commonalities and empower one another in all aspects of our love lives. We have all had our fair share of college hookups gone wrong. Whether you were just ghosted by that guy you have been talking to all semester or are working through your first heartbreak, we are here for you.

There is nothing quite like waking up the morning after a crazy night out and sharing the most intimate stories with friends while we cure our hangovers with bagels and iced coffee. So why not share those stories with an entire audience of readers?!

We will be posting both anonymous and non-anonymous stories to allow for an authentic space to share your most personal stories, no matter how personal (or kinky ;)).

We hope our readers can respect when a post is anonymous and not play the guessing game of who wrote it. Rather than needing to know one’s identity, simply listen to their experiences and see how you can learn and grow from it within your own life.

Think of this column as the big sister you never had.

We’re here to offer all the advice, share all of our stories, and navigate the crazy love scene that is college.

Credit: Pinterest

Please contact thefiteditors@gmail.com if you would like to join us in writing for The Friends with Benefits column. 

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