Ask Madison: Introducing Your New Go-To Source for Advice

It is a warm summer day in July. I am relaxing on a float in my grandmother’s pool when I decide to plug my earphones in, zone out, and learn tips and tricks from my favorite podcast, “Call Her Daddy.” I catch up on the ex-co-host Sofia Franklyn and her boyfriend Peter Nelson vs. Barstool Sports drama and proceed to listen to the newest episodes with guest-star Savannah Montano, a well-known social media influencer.

Halfway into the first episode, my train of thought quickly jumps to The Fit Magazine and what content I could produce that would be useful and genuinely helpful to young women. I start going over my life, stage by stage, recalling stories I could share that have valuable lessons as well as general advice I wish I could give to my past-self, which would have saved me from horrid and awkward situations. I snap out of my daze and start concentrating on the podcast again and soon realize that it is now the last 10 minutes of the episode, which is when host Alexandra Cooper answers question submissions sent in by fans. These questions are typically geared towards sex and relationship advice, but also include friendship and advice on gaining confidence. 

A lightbulb goes off in my head and I scream to my mother, “I’m going to start an advice column for The Fit Magazine!”

First things first, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Madison Lyn Reyes and I will be a sophomore at Lehigh University. My major is psychology with a possible history minor. I live in New York City, more specifically the Pelham Bay/Country Club neighborhood of the Bronx. I was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years, and then picked up playing volleyball when I was 14. In the sixth grade I faced horrible middle-school bullying, which unfortunately resulted in anxiety and body dysmorphia, in addition to self-esteem and confidence issues. I spent the first two years of high school hating my appearance and who I was, which made me an easy victim for people who like to walk all over others.

Madison Reyes, Credit: @mlx_0 Instagram

I decided to start working on myself and my mental health during my junior year when tragedy struck. In March 2018, one of my former cheerleading coaches passed away in a devastating car accident which drastically impacted my community as well as my outlook on life. That same year my five childhood and closest friends harassed me in a group chat which led to them being blocked on every social media platform with no way to reach me.  I have gone through heartbreak, pain, suffering, confusion, panic, anxiety, depression and self-harm, but I am living proof that the lowest periods of life truly transform you into the strongest and bravest person over time with hard work and effort. 

When faced with situations and arguments I have learned to remove myself, assess both sides’ perspective of the matter, and rationally decide the best outcome. Throughout the years, I have taught myself the highly valuable skill of rational thinking instead of emotional thinking, which has profoundly changed my everyday life. Because of this, my friends regularly come to me for advice on any topic and coined the nickname “Dr. Phil” for me.

I am beyond excited to be starting an ask column for The Fit Magazine and I promise to give my utmost sincere and honest advice on every submission. Let’s get this party started!

Steps for Question Submissions: 

  • Follow @thefitmagazine on Instagram
  • Submit your questions on our weekly (every Sunday) #AskMadison Instagram story or fill out our anonymous #AskMadison Google Form
  • The Fit staff will collect these questions at the end of every week and Madison will post an article with her responses in a Q&A format the next week!!!

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