Welcome to The Freshman Diaries

*Written by Kate Turkeltaub, Olivia Talbott and Sara Jewel*

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, a rising sophomore at Lehigh University. I am studying political science and environmental studies and I’m planning to add a double major in journalism! I am from Greenwich, CT where I have lived all my life. I was terrified of change and coming to college. The community I found at Lehigh my freshman year was so strong and encouraging, that even the thought of being nervous before coming to campus feels so foreign to me. However, I can certainly relate to the feeling of uncertainty among incoming students. I didn’t know any current students at Lehigh, and as the oldest of my siblings, I had so many unanswered questions about college. I hope that this column can fill the void some of you may have when craving information on the real, unfiltered college experience that my fellow contributors and I have experienced first hand! 

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am a rising sophomore (makes me feel old saying that) at Lehigh University. Currently, I am studying political science and psychology, but still figuring everything out. My family has moved twice, from New York to Virginia to Maryland, so I thought I had a bit of an upper hand when going to college because I had experienced starting over. While moving around did help transition to college life years later, I realized there were so many aspects about school I had not considered prior. I was nervous about leaving my family, my dog (arguably had the worst separation anxiety about this one), my friends, and starting over. The majority of my friend group attended college in state, leaving me feeling left out and created more anxiety of being truly on my own. My major source of comfort the summer going into college was reading articles such as these. They gave me insight into what college would be like and gave me a new sense of confidence. I hope these articles show you just how fun college will be and prepare you for the next four years. 

Hey Fit readers! I’m Sara, another rising sophomore at Lehigh. I’m a graphic design major with minors in mass communications, marketing and art history— I’ve got lots of interests! Anyways, I grew up right outside D.C. but went to a small quaker school for 13 years in the city. College was an experience I’d been looking forward to for years after spending the past decade with the same peers. I’d gone to a summer camp, so I had a vague idea on how to make friends, but really was ‘winging it’ my entire freshman fall. As Kate and Olivia have said, I was in a similar boat: anxious and unsure about what college would look like and I turned to articles and YouTube videos for advice. We plan on adding to that conversation, hoping to be the big sisters you never had. We hope you’ll feel comfortable to ask us questions and get to know us and the entire staff at The Fit as you experience your freshman year at Lehigh or any other college campus. 

We understand your freshman year will look different compared to ours, due to the COVID-19 pandemic but I think after experiencing our spring semesters cut short, we’re (somewhat) qualified to lend our advice as to the best ways to make friends, study hard, have fun and most importantly stay safe this Fall.

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