Barreform: a taste of NYC in the Lehigh Valley

Barreform is a boutique fitness studio located on the corner of Brodhead Avenue and East 4th Street. Nora Hendrycks and Brett Jones co-own and co-founded barreform in 2017 out of a desire to bring their favorite workouts to the valley. Barreform aspires to inspire by delivering unique, intense, motivating, and very effective classes. The classes they offer range from burnlab to megaformer classes. 

Credit: Shana Lichaw

Burnlab is barreform’s version of indoor cycling, offering a 45 minute full body workout while unwinding from the day to the amazing playlists. The workout consists of high-intensity cardio and muscle-sculpting strength training all while doing a rhythm-based ride.

Megaformer is the other type of class offered which utilizes the low-impact, toning principles of Pilates with added elements of strength. This is truly a full body workout and you get a certain feeling in your muscles, especially ones you did not even know you had! Barreform is the only studio in the Lehigh Valley that offers megaformer classes. 

Barreform’s  mission is to empower clients with mental and physical strength which will last well beyond the studio walls. 

I can attest to this. I started going to barreform my sophomore year of college about two years ago and after three classes I was addicted. 

After gaining weight my freshman year, I needed to find a community to keep my motivation up.

 From the style of workouts, to the sense of acceptance, to the feeling in the studio is something you cannot find in most fitness studios, especially in the Lehigh Valley.

 I have been going religiously since my first class as a sophomore. 

In the fall of 2019 I finally hit my 100th megaformer class and I became part of the 100 club, which is when you spray paint a heart on the wall with your name. I continue to go to barreform around five times a week and have made great local friends who accompany me in class.

Not every student has been exposed to these types of workouts, so barreform has made a mission to help make that possible. On Thursdays at 4:15 p.m. they offer a Lehigh student class for just $10 and do different events throughout the year to give students exposure to the studio. On Thursday Sept. 17, Barreform and The FIT collaborated to offer new clients the opportunity to try a megaformer class.

Credit: Shana Lichaw

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, a mask must be worn when entering the studio. During a megaformer class you may take off your mask while you are on your machine but you have to put it back on when the workout is complete. However, during all burnlab classes a mask must be worn at all times. 

Barreform offers student, faculty, discounts along with class packages and drop in rates. 
Visit for more information.

Cover image credit: Fresh Face: barreform,

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