How to Get Through a 14 Day Q at School

Back-to-school during COVID-19 has brought forth many unknowns and changes to our lives as college students.

Many college students across the country have had to enter both isolation and quarantine to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Two weeks ago when my asymptomatic housemate received a positive test result we had so many feelings– anxiety over whether we would become very sick, frustration that we were confined to our house for 14 days and confusion  about what to do with all the extra time we now had on our hands. 

At the end of day, nothing really changed that much. 

As students of Zoom University, we already spend hours a week in our bedrooms.

Rather than dwell on the things that we were missing out on as we quarantined, we decided to make the most of the circumstances. 

Here’s how to get through a quarantine as a college student. 


Buy a puzzle immediately. While there is nothing more frustrating than staring at 1000 pieces, there is nothing more rewarding than finishing one. 

Puzzles are a great activity to do with friends, and the quintessential quarantine passtime. 

Once you are done with your puzzle, you can glue it together and hang it up as a memory. 


Start a new show with your friends

My friends and I started binge-watchingScandal during our quarantine. Everynight at 10:00 p.m. we took a break from our homework, and gathered to watch an episode together. 

It’s nice to have a group activity to look forward to and Olivia Pope is the perfect person to inspire you.

Use the time to focus on your schoolwork 

As students, we are constantly distracted by social plans, thrilling trips to Target and search for any excuse to put schoolwork on the back burner. 

Use your quarantine time to write your essay due in two weeks, rework your resume to prepare for your next job search and cross off all those long-awaited tasks on your to do list. 

You’ll feel productive and be happy you got all your work done during your down time. 

Credit: itsbellabaya Pinterest

Check in on your isolated friend

The person who receives their positive test result will need to be isolated in their bedroom for ten days. 

Learning how to properly care for someone with COVID-19 and taking the proper precautions when bringing them meals and when they use the bathroom is important for getting through your quarantine successfully. 

Making sure they are not lonely goes a long way.

At night we would sit outside our friends bedroom door and talk to her that way. This helped her feel less alone, and brought her much needed laughs and entertainment. 

At the end of the day, don’t freak out. Hopefully everyone will remain healthy and your two weeks will fly by. 

It’s another part of our reality right now… quarantining is not the end of the world, but rather a precaution in place to keep yourself as well as your community safe.

So, happy puzzling, read that book you’ve been meaning, watch a movie and stay inside! You got this! 

Cover image credit: @jessinowo

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