‘Hopeless Visionary’ Promotes Dream Chasing with Clothing Brand

If quarantine worked out in favor for anyone this year, it was Ryan Armour and Sabrina Bernstein. While the majority of people were occupied by TikTok, tie-dying and baking banana bread for the fifth day in a row, these two were setting the foundation for their new clothing brand: Hopeless Visionary, @hopelessvisionaryla

Courtesy of Hopeless Visionary

Armour and Bernstein are both sophomores studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During the second semester of their freshman year, the two became good friends. If you had told them they would have started a clothing brand together, neither would have believed you. 

Since his junior year of high school, Armour has had the desire to create a brand of his own someday. At the beginning of quarantine, he realized he had the perfect opportunity to pursue his passion. 

At that time, Ryan felt how many others were feeling amid the global pandemic: hopeless. The days of the week began to blend into one another and with each hour growing longer, any hope of normalcy falling short of possible. 

He scribbled the word “hopeless” down on a piece of paper as he began brainstorming brand names for a potential clothing company. Having dreamt of designing his own brand for years, he was ready for his vision to finally come to life. He wanted to promote the idea of dream chasing, which ultimately led to the name “Hopeless Visionary.”

Armour said the brand wouldn’t have developed into the success that it is without his partner, Bernstein. 

With Bernstein’s graphic design skills combined with Armour’s creative direction, the brand was bound for success. 

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Courtesy of Hopeless Visionary

After various Zoom meetings and phone calls, Hopeless Visionary launched its first line of apparel with a bang. Their brand features stylish hoodies, t-shirts and shorts that sold as quickly as they were being made. With the help of their friends and family, they were able to sell 200 items in the month of August alone through the use of the vision board, promotions on Instagram and the use of Facebook. 

Although coronavirus has caused the brand to face some minor setbacks, they are  stronger than ever. 

They plan to launch a pink globe trucker hat in the next few weeks in which they will donate a portion of their revenue to breast cancer research. While they continue to develop into a success, they hope to keep the message of their company clear- to do what makes you happy and pursue your dream.   

Courtesy of Hopeless Visionary

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