A Lazy Girl’s Guide: How to Style Sweats

The end of the summer is usually prime time for back-to-school shopping before getting back into the swing of things, but sadly, this summer is a little bit different. As students are planning to learn from home this semester, many are choosing to stick with a style that has stayed constant throughout quarantine: sweats. 

While sweatpants aren’t typically the most glamorous item in your closet, who says they can’t be stylish? Your sweats are sure to become a fashionable yet comfortable force in your life by trying these simple tricks.

Find a Fitted Pair 

Choosing the right fit of sweatpants is a simple step you can start off with to decide what flatters your body.  I recommend searching for a style of comfortable sweats that hug your body rather than a pair that’s more loose-fitting. Baggy sweats sure are cozy, but they can be much harder to dress up. The goal is to compliment the shape of your body rather than overwhelm it with heavy fabric, so a tighter fit is the way to go. 

Keep Things Monochromatic

Wearing one color from head to toe doesn’t have to be boring! It often helps to make an outfit seem both more clean and chic. Try pairing your sweats with a matching top for a sharper look. For example, if you’re wearing black sweatpants, find a black sweatshirt and black shoes to finish the look off. By doing so, you lengthen the shape of your figure, creating a sleek ensemble with minimal effort. 

Credit: Pinterest

Pair your Sweats with a Stylish Coat/Blazer

Rather than simply finishing your outfit off with a matching sweatshirt, layer your look with a stylish coat or blazer (that is, if the weather permits). Belted trench coats, leather jackets or denim jackets do just the trick! Wearing long, fuzzy coats with my sweats is my favorite way to instantly transform my appearance to look more pulled together. Sweatshirts are great, but a coat will ultimately dress up your look. 


With a fully monochrome color-scheme, you’ll definitely find yourself wanting to stand out a bit more; this is where accessories come in. Jewelry is a great way to add some sparkle and attitude to any outfit. Pairing watches, sunglasses, or purses with your sweats are fun ways to take a more sophisticated-looking route. Personally, I’m obsessed with accessorizing with big, patterned hair clips. Regardless of how you choose to make your look stand out, accessories are sure to elevate your style. 

Style your hair

Styling your hair can change your whole appearance when going out in loungewear. A messy bun is tempting, but if you’re going for a more sleek look, being creative with your hair can make all the difference. Curling, crimping, straightening, braiding— you name it. Whatever you choose to do can transform a casual outfit of sweats, sneakers and a simple top into a look that stands out. 

Credit: Pinterest

If sweatpants are your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe, right now is the perfect time to embrace them! While wearing comfort wear at home has always been the norm, it’s now just as acceptable for going out as well— especially now that the summer heat is starting to fade. Sweatpants are here to stay, so get creative! There’s no rule book when it comes to exploring and experimenting with your fashion. 

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