Five Reasons Why Having an Older Sister is the Best Gift Your Parents Gave You

  1. Unlimited closet. Always. Although my sister and I have a huge age gap of 16 years (yes, she was 16 when I was born), there’s nothing better than being the same size in everything. Whenever I get bored of my own closet, the first place I turn to is hers for some fresh style inspo. Sorry, not sorry that she may never get back that shirt I was “borrowing!” 
Credit: Ashley Carl
  1. She’s always down to adventure with you, no matter the day. Having an older sister with such a large age gap is like having a best friend to hang out with 24/7. No matter what, if you don’t want to make that CVS trip alone or you are just in the mood to go out for lunch with someone, you know she is always down to come with. Being in college has made me appreciate this so much more since the time we have together is limited. 
  1. She’s always there to listen to my problems. Like I said, having an older sister is like having a best friend. No matter what I’m going through, whether it’s a stressful day, I’m feeling homesick or I’m just upset, she is one of the first people I turn to for advice. I am lucky to have someone who will always have my back and never judge my feelings. 
Credit: Ashley Carl
  1. She knows me better than I know myself. There are not many people I can confidently say know everything about me, I mean everything. But for some reason, older sisters just know. From my likes to my dislikes, habits and strengths, my sister knows it all from watching me grow up.

5. She is your constant role model. Having an older sister with a 16 year age gap is something that is unusual yet a major blessing. She has forged a path for me to follow and is someone I will forever look up to (and never stop annoying). No matter how old we get, I know that I was given a best friend for life, and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful!

Credit: Ashley Carl

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