Stand Up, Speak Out, Vote

This year’s election is continuing to surpass difficulties that no other election year has ever had to experience. In the midst of a global pandemic, voting undeniably becomes more complicated. For many, it may deter them from voting or cause them to be wary about the legitimacy of their ballots. 

In 2016, voter turnout for eligible citizens was about 55 percent. This was an all-time low since elections in 1996. It is important that the country stops the declining voting rates by not projecting this trend for his year’s election. To increase voter ballots, citizens should be encouraged by many different parties. 

Voters should be prompted by politicians, businesses, teachers, celebrities, family members, friends, peers, etc. It is our responsibility as citizens to firstly become involved and then push others to do the same. 

Recently, companies have been making changes to their operations in an effort to promote voting within the workplace. For example, companies such as Best Buy, Gap, JPMorgan Chase, Nike and Visa have offered their employees a paid day off to vote on Election Day. 

Nike Voter Guide, Credit:

For youth voters, encouragement can be found on college campuses that give students a day off to vote, or by specific professors who will not assign tests or assignments on Election Day. Other student-led organizations help to virtually promote voting on campuses.

Additionally, people can display encouraging and instructive information about voting on social media. In doing so, people may be more incentivized to vote knowing that everyone else is doing the same. Even celebrities have joined voting campaigns and continue to urge their followers to vote. The voices of these celebrities are very important in promoting voter turnout. 

These small actions can have tremendous impacts on voter involvement. It is important that people and groups continue to make positive contributions. Now is the time to become involved in the future of this country. Stand up, speak out and vote.

Credit: Pinterest

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