Five Ways to Have a More Productive Day

This semester has undoubtedly been a difficult one for us college students. It’s hard to keep your spirits up and be productive when you’re inside all day and learning in a virtual environment. While it’s important to not push yourself too hard during these circumstances, there are ways to help you get your day started. Here are some tips I recommend for having a more productive day! 

Make your bed first thing in the morning

It doesn’t seem like much, but making your bed right when you wake up is the first step in starting your day. I find I’m the most productive when my work area is organized and clean. Not only does it help me get started with my day, but it reminds me that my room is also my personal space and I should take care of it as such. If I get in the habit of not staying organized, it takes a toll on my mood and doesn’t help me feel motivated.

Eat a good breakfast

Starting your day off with a good breakfast sounds pretty obvious, but many of us college students tend to skip it. Properly fueling your body in order to have a productive day is integral to accomplish your tasks. Think of meal time as an opportunity to reflect and think about what you want to accomplish. Remember, a meal is an experience and just as important as your work.

Make a to-do list

To-do lists are life savers. I jot down tasks I would like to get done for the day, whether it’s doing my laundry or assignments I need to complete. You don’t even have to get through the whole list in one day, but having it written out can help you plan and manage your time. Plus, it’s super satisfying to cross off something from your list and can help you stay motivated.

Don’t try to finish everything at once

Take little breaks! Don’t try to overwork yourself and accomplish everything you need to do in one sitting. Have a snack, scroll through TikTok for a bit, go on a walk, basically anything to unwind and clear your head for a bit. Sitting at a desk the entire day isn’t optimal for your body and can wear you out very fast.

Prioritize your tasks

Starting your day can be a challenge if you don’t know where to begin. It can be difficult to start when you have a lot on your plate. So, prioritize your tasks by level of importance and think about what you should complete first.

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One thought on “Five Ways to Have a More Productive Day

  1. Making your bed is so key. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day. To-do lists help a lot too. Oftentimes I just waffle off in the middle of the day, and having a list to refer to can help keep me on track. Thanks for this post!


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