Soho Youth Club Gives Back to Underprivileged Children With Clothing Collections

*Written by Micaela Udell*

Combining passions for entrepreneurship and philanthropy, Brett Gray used his time in quarantine to create Soho Youth Club.

A clothing company with a mission to educate and give back to underprivileged children, Soho Youth Club releases purposeful collections every 48 hours and proceeds from these sales are used to fund their initiatives.

 Courtesy of @sohoyouthclub Instagram

Due to the limited time of availability of the products, each article of clothing is unique and in high demand.

Gray is a sophomore in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and from Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

His inspiration for creating Soho Youth Club was sparked by both his dedication to giving back to those less fortunate and his interest in entrepreneurship, which he has always been surrounded by.

“I was really self taught,” Gray said. “I was inspired by my father and my grandfather, who were business partners in a business that they had created themselves.” 

Soho Youth Club’s first collection in August 2020 focused on the process of tie-dying. This activity became quite popular in quarantine, as people were in search of any way to pass the time. During this dreary period, people faced many hardships and Soho Youth Club wanted to provide an activity for those to de-stress. 

Courtesy of Soho Youth Club

The company partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oyster Bay in East Norwich to create a virtual workshop to teach children the tie-dying process. The kids were given a Soho Youth Club T-shirt and dye to use. In conjunction with the donations, Soho Youth Club released limited edition hand-dyed hoodie sweatshirts. 

For Thanksgiving, Soho Youth Club teamed up with Long Island’s leading food bank, Island Harvest, and dropped a line of hand-dyed sweatpants. They presented their first Thanksgiving food distribution, giving out a variety of fresh produce to students and families of the Wyandanch School District. The profits from these one-of-a-kind sweatpants were used to purchase food for these underprivileged families.

In light of the holiday season, Soho Youth Club has recently funded a toy drive for underprivileged children. They purchased thousands of dollars worth of toys for Global Tech Academy, an underprivileged school in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Soho Youth Club was accompanied by the Michigan Men’s Basketball team to help distribute toys, and together they delivered gifts to over 100 students. 

Courtesy of @sohoyouthclub Instagram

Soho Youth Club has been wildly successful since its launch this summer, which has allowed for their beneficial philanthropic initiatives this fall.

“The amount of money I make at the end of the day is really irrelevant as long as I know that people are being helped,” Gray said.

Follow @sohoyouthclub on Instagram to stay up to date with new clothing drops and each diverse initiative that Soho Youth Club works with.

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