Why I Dress for Success, Even on Zoom

I think everyone can agree that when quarantine began and we were relegated to spending our entire day on Zoom, binging Netflix or baking like flour was going to vanish, the uniform of choice was the comfiest clothing in our closets. If we were taking classes from our rooms, then what was the point of getting ready for a day that would end right where it started? 

I thrive off of social interaction, and the tiny grey squares on Zoom were simply not sufficient. I spent the first month of quarantine trying to start new projects, such as cooking or painting, to try and raise my spirits. I even took up weekly car circles with my friends, when we all met in a parking lot with our cars’ trunks facing each other so that we could hang out without breaking any social distancing regulations. 

Even with all of this,I was still experiencing what I could best describe as a funk. After weeks of  gloom, I asked my mom, my best support system, what it was I needed to change to feel better..

Credit: Pinterest

My mom, like many, went from working at an office in New York City to working in our basement. She has always had the same morning routine, which prepared her to take on Wall Street every day. 

I quickly realized that while she traded in her suits for jeans, she was still waking up early enough to blow out her hair, put on her makeup and pick out a decent outfit 

She reminded me of when I was on my third round of taking the ACT, and she told me to wake up early and get dressed as if I was going into an interview; I ended up receiving my best scores that time. 

Courtesy of Laura Feinbaum

The concept is so simple, yet so profound; when you look good, you feel good.

It wasn’t until late April that I started to take her advice. Regardless of what time I woke up, I put on mascara and a comfy outfit. Did reviving my morning routine from the dead fix all of my problems? Of course not. However, it did bring some sense of normalcy back into my life. My newly reinstated morning routine even got me to go through my closet, start a Depop and begin revamping my current style. 

Credit: Pinterest

Having a morning routine is a ritual I find to be monumental when starting your day.. Once I brought it back into my daily life during quarantine,  my mood was transformed for the better. 

Remember, if you dress for the part, you are the part. 

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