The College Kid Guide, a Holistic Overview of Campus Life

The College Kid Guide is the newest website every high school junior and senior is going to want to have bookmarked on their computers.

The site, created by Camryn Cohen, a junior at Tulane University, is a tell-all guide about the hot spots for eating, shopping and doing in college towns and cities. 

Credit: Courtesy of The College Kid Guide

Cohen’s inspiration for the site came from a story pitch she gave, and later wrote, for local NoLa magazine WhereY’, where she interned as a sophomore. In the story, titled “A College Kid’s Guide to New Orleans,” Cohen listed her favorite restaurants, stores and activities in the Louisiana city.

The story made its way onto the Tulane Parent Page, where people vocalized how helpful the article was for prospective students and visitors.

Courtesy of Camry Cohen

This response encouraged Cohen to create The College Kid Guide, a virtual database that had the ultimate inside scoop on a number of universities.

Cohen bought the site domain in October, reached out to 15 of her friends to write guides for their school’s, and officially launched the site in January. 

Cohen said she wishes she could have used The College Kid Guide when she was going through the college admissions process, and thinks it is especially important now for students to learn about different schools since they are unable to go on college tours in person due to the pandemic.

Cohen said the overall response to the guide has been positive, as people have found it insightful. Cohen is currently working to ensure that the site is accessible to all and features diverse voices.

Credit: Courtesy of The College Kid Guide

“It’s a weird feeling,” Cohen said. “A little bittersweet to be so proud of something that I’ve worked so hard at, yet understand and realize that this is not the end goal, and it’s not reaching the target audience that I wanted to reach just yet because it has so much potential to be inclusive and representative of people from everywhere.”

For the first few rounds of articles Cohen sourced her writers from her social network — the articles were written by Cohen’s friends, friends of friends, or people she followed on social media. 

Cohen welcomes interested writers from all schools to share their special spots and opinions so that the guide can be as holistic and representative as possible, she said.

In addition to having new writers contribute, Cohen also encourages current writers, as well as herself, to make revisions and additions to the guide as they discover more of what their college town has to offer.

Cohen recognizes that she views things in New Orleans through a “Tulane lens,” and that there is so much more to the city she has yet to explore.  

Credit: Courtesy of The College Kid Guide

The College Kid Guide has mostly been reaching viewers and contributors through word of mouth. However, Cohen hopes to grow the brand and gain more of a social media presence, specifically Instagram, in the coming months.

Cohen said she is proud to be spearheading this project and amazed that something that started out as a passion project and grew from a love for writing and culture has built a community.

“It feels really awesome,” Cohen said. “I’ve never created something so tangible, and it’s just really reassuring to see that this has reached so many people, something that I spent so much time and energy working on could actually impact someone’s decision. I’m really thankful to all of my writers who have allowed me to create the community in the first place.”

Visit The College Kid Guide here!

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