Tips and Tricks for Staying Fit

By: Sammy Stilp

Working out while being away from home can be really difficult. Whether it’s because you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, you can’t find a good place to workout, or the weather is getting in the way, we all understand. 

I am hoping to help even a small portion of you, as this year has been extremely stressful for myself. Between adjusting to my freshman year of college and finding a decent place to workout, it seems to just get harder as the semester goes on.

Due to COVID-19, gyms are closed on-campus, and the snow makes it almost impossible to run outside. But, here are some tips that have been an absolute lifesaver and motivated me to continue to stay active!

First and foremost, you have to invest in a good water bottle.

I use Vitscan, which is a cute, trendy half-gallon water bottle that keeps you motivated to continue drinking water throughout the day. I have to give credit to Sami Clarke, my favorite YouTuber, for this one. 

When you wake up in the morning, immediately hydrate! I fill my water bottle up and try to drink a third of it. It wakes me up and prepares me for whatever workout I’m doing later, and it will help you as well!

Credit: Vitscan

Plan out your workout the night before!

As useless as that may sound, it helps me actually do the workout the next day when I have in mind what I want to do. Whether it is a long run or a quick YouTube workout, being prepared makes all the difference. 

Laying out my workout clothes the night before also makes it a lot easier to get moving first thing in the morning. If you are like me and have early classes and do not want to wake up super early to workout, make sure you block out a time during the day to get moving. Using the tips above like hydrating first thing in the morning and laying out your workout clothes seriously make a difference.

Reconstruct your mindset!

I used to dread going to sports practice after school because I enjoy working out on my own time much more. For so long, I had the mindset that workout classes like yoga and spin were a lot more dreadful than they really are. It takes practice, but if you think of working out as more of a stress reliever and way to bring more positivity to your day, then I promise it will seem like less of a chore.

If you have Saturday mornings free (or like me, pretty much all of Friday off) and you know you are not going to spend the whole day in the library, go for a long walk, or even the gym, with some friends! Although easier said than done, being with other people for a long workout can make it more fun, and I suggest going to lunch after. 

I love going to get acai bowls after long walks or a big workout. Eating healthy afterward is always a great way to end the workout session and a great reward — and much more enjoyable with some company. 

Other tips and tricks!

Finally, some small tips I find that help me want to continue to work out and stay moving are adding in short 10-minute ab workouts and making sure I stretch for 5-10 minutes at the end of whatever workout I do. Stretching truly makes a difference the next day — the last thing you want is to be too sore to workout, but it happens. 

Also, always try to jump in the shower when you are finished working out because lounging around in your workout clothes is not only uncomfortable, but can cause breakouts. It is always rewarding to take a nice shower after working hard and spending a few extra minutes on self-care. 

Here are some of my favorite workouts that get me through each week at school 

  • Barry’s Treadmill – makes time running on the treadmill fly by 
  • Peloton app – the digital membership can be used on phone, computer, ipad etc and is 12.99/months for all sorts of different workouts. My favorite are outdoor runs, yoga, HIIT, and stretching classes after each workout.  
  • Sami Clarke Abs
  • Sami Clarke Arm Workout
  • Find a locally taught spin class or yoga class near you 
  • TIP: Hit up target for actually such cute workout fits that are cheap!

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