Q&A with Vegable Co-Founder Maria Dieser

Vegable Produce, a farm to door delivery box service, was founded on the belief that it should be easy and affordable for you to make the choice to eat healthy. Vegable Produce brings organic and sustainable fruits and vegetables to your doorstep on a weekly basis, giving you access to a nutritious box hassle free. 

The Fit Magazine spoke with Vegable co-founder Maria Dieser to learn more about healthy and sustainable living.  

Q: Why is it important to eat organically and sustainably?

Maria Dieser: These days  pesticides riddle our world’s food supply and the modern food system is too fragile to transition away from that as a whole. We walk a fine line of food availability already with food spoilage and climate change, so farmers can’t afford to change their current practices. Glyphosate (a herbicide) is one of the main (pesticides) ones you will see in the headlines. (Glyphosate) has been linked to autism, allergies, autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. Other countries are beginning to ban it (glyphosate). 

While we can not get away from it 100 percent, we can try our best and that’s what we are here to help with. 

Luckily, we have enough organic and sustainable farmers in our local region that have been pioneers in the space, that we can partner with to get clean fruits and veggies to your doorstep within days of harvest. Many of the fruits and veggies that you can get in the stores were picked weeks prior, and every day away from their stems or the soil, then lose nutrient content. –  Part of our mission is to get it to you as quick and as clean as possible after harvest and that comes from solid relationships with our farmers and distributors. 

Courtesy of Vegable Produce

Q: How can this service benefit college students?

MD: I wish i knew then what I do now in terms of nutrition. Our current dietary trends started with baby boomers and chronic illness entered their lives in the last third of their years. Gen X came next and now you see many people around you obese and with chronic illnesses. Well, millenials are running into chronic illness in their 30’s, GenZ not far behind. So college students – do you see the trend? The freshman 15 is turning into chronic illness because we have been eating unhealthy foods since birth. Most college students are still young enough to “feel”  or “look” sick, but your insides are just warming up for a challenging and expensive journey of health. College is also the first time many of us are on our own and cooking for ourselves. It doesn’t always have to be ramen noodles and Chipotle delivery – now are the years that you can learn a cool and trendy way to set yourself up for success. 

Courtesy of Vegable Produce

Eating plants can be fun, sexy and delicious. You can become a rockstar cook to your friends and introduce them to foods they never had before when you have an open mind to be a leader. 

Vegable Produce wants to partner with college students to make being healthy fun again and to educate you and set you up for a life of success. College students tend to sprint from orientation to choosing a career path that can get them health insurance and a good salary. But what about their core health? Talking about mental health, happiness, physical health, fun in the dating scene, excitement for a family, promotions at work – all that fun stuff. It starts now, and we want to make it easy and enjoyable. 

Q: Why is nutrition and how we fuel our bodies vital?

MD:  Health is wealth. What if your car took regular unleaded gasoline to drive, and you put in diesel. It might work for a while, but it will severely damage your engine. The same thing happens with food…..every bite. Every bite either heals or harms your body, its one or the other. So, while college students are in the most prime years of their lives physically, why damage it with food when you can fill it with optimal fuel? It will help your studying, your happiness, your physical fitness, your looks, your feels and your performance in all places. 

Courtesy of Vegable Produce

Students interested in trying out Vegable Produce can use the code: LEHIGH30 for 30 percent off your first order and  a 15 percent student discount valid until June 1. 

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