The Evolution and Influence of Emma Chamberlain

YouTube creator. Coffee connoisseur. Fashion icon. These are just a few of the multiple hats Emma Chamberlain wears.

Credit: Emma Chamberlin

The 19-year-old started off as a humble YouTube blogger who reinvented the “vlogging” game, bringing a natural and honest environment to the app. She attracted subscribers by talking about taboo topics or by mentioning everyday teenager struggles,, such as acne and high school relationships,  which is something that that any influencer had yet to do Within a span of about three years, her platform multiplied, landing her with close to 10 million followers by the end of 2020. 

Teenagers depended on Chamberlain to deliver relatable content, making them feel as if she was an acquaintance rather than a distant influencer due to her impeccable sense of humor and easy-going nature. In this era of Chamberlain, she was not discovered or known for anything related to fashion, and she even created videos mocking overhyped fashion trends, such as her Gucci T-shirt video. Instead, she mainly focused on creating vlog material, particularly in her car.

Chamberlain’s first engagement with fashion started with her involvement in the online shopping app Dote. The company sponsored her, along with multiple other young influencers, to travel across the world and attend popular music festivals such as Coachella. She had created a clothing line with the Dote, but soon removed herself due to their racial controversies throughout the media. Being an activist for equality is an important aspect of her image as an influencer.

 She promptly moved to Los Angeles to pursue her YouTube career more seriously, causing multiple lifestyle changes as she had to adapt to the overwhelming aspects of LA culture, whether it be the constant socialization or certain beauty standards. Fans began to see her fashion transition as she submerged into a culture where fashion is constantly evolving and people are encouraged to experiment with different clothing styles. 

Credit: YouTube

Rather than solely following what others had deemed trendy, Chamberlain created her own fashion aesthetic revolving around vintage looks, thrifting, unusual patterns, layering and including unique pieces. She incorporates her followers into her fashion journey by bringing the vlog camera around while she is thrifting, doing hauls after the fact or posting outfit ideas in hopes to inspire those seeking fashion advice. This new generation easily emulates her style as Chamberlain creates affordable outfits rather than basing her style on luxury pieces or designer streetwear, something most influencers are leaning towards. It is more reasonable for one to head to their local thrift store, Brandy Melville or Urban Outfitters, instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on a new pair of Nike Jordans or a designer handbag.

Credit: Emma Chamberlin

However, Chamberlain does occasionally incorporate these kinds of pieces into her outfits, especially after her partnership with Louis Vuitton, which began after they invited her to attend Paris Fashion Week in March of 2019. Through this opportunity, her eyes were opened to the greater high fashion realm, further introducing her to clothing from a more advanced perspective. Chamberlain has begun to acknowledge her intentions on putting more effort into creating unique outfits but emphasizes her continued admiration for being lazy and comfortable in her favorite pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. Becoming engrossed in the up-and-coming fashion does not discredit one from still thoroughly enjoying wearing loungewear, and sometimes even including loungewear in one’s everyday outfits. 

Credit: Emma Chamberlain

Overall, Chamberlain’s love for sustainable, chic, and comfortable clothing has shaped the way our generation currently dresses and the future of fashion. By incorporating elements from various themes, she has created the ultimate look for teens globally.

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