“Cool, Classic and Comfortable,” Introducing Time Twist Denim

Mikayla Kitsopoulos was 8-years-old when she sat in on a board meeting with her mother, a prominent leader in the fashion industry. 

As she sat and doodled mindlessly in a notebook, the lead executive turned to her asking what she thought they should name the new company they were curating. 

Kitsopoulos replied, “Time Twist.” 

The company in question, C. Wonder, did not claim the name “Time Twist:” however it stuck with Kitsopoulos years later. 

Kitsopoulos founded Time Twist Denim, a hand-painted denim company in New York City. 

Credit: Mikayla Kitsopoulo

Kitsopoulos found inspiration for Time Twist while studying remotely in California for her first semester of college. 

“It was really difficult being so far from home and not really being able to make friends (due to) COVID. I was out into a specific group and i didnt get to expand and meet new people. I felt very lost, I didn’t really know the direction I was supposed to be going in and I ended up coming home,” Kitsopoulos said. 

Reflecting on the night of New Year’s Eve, Kitsopoulos wrote down manifestations, hoping for a great 2021. 

Among her manifestations, she wrote, “I will build an empire.” 

Soon after she began experimenting creatively and painted a pair of her dad’s old low waisted Levi jeans. 

She wore them out to her favorite restaurant, Jack’s Wife Freda and says a woman practically bought the jeans off of her. 

“She was obsessed with them and wanted them so badly and that’s how I knew this was going to be successful. I have to keep doing this and that’s when I started,” she said. 

Credit: Time Twist

Kitsopoulos began releasing her inventory in drops on her Shopify. Due to the time intensive process of hand-painting, she is releasing the drops in groups of 10. 

Time Twist is a fully sustainable company at every facet, from recycled denim to sustainable packaging. 

Kitsopoulos’ process begins with her making a trip to thrift in Brooklyn. She specifically looks for vintage Wrangler and Levi’s. 

She has sought thrifting inspiration from Camille Rowe to “feel everything until you find something that is good.” She pays close attention to the structure and silhouette and does not want to purchase jeans that are too stiff. 

Credit: @timetwist Instagram

“ (I) Never want someone to wear something that makes them uncomfortable,” Kitsopoulos said. “The whole point of Time Twist is we are cool, classic and comfortable. All of our products should embody that.” 

Kitsopoulos looks to Pinterest and TikTok for inspiration when painting the denim. 

Currently Kitsopoulos is working with mentors in the fashion industry to understand the business side of the industry and work to create a professional PR kit to send out to magazines. 

Kitsopoulos hopes to expand Time Twist beyond denim in the future. 

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