7 Reasons to Join Forces with a Workout Buddy

The gym can be intimidating, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a fitness extraordinaire. Whether it’s because you don’t feel comfortable at the gym, your jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow for much wiggle room, or you simply don’t have the motivation, a workout buddy could provide you with the boost of willpower you need to jump-start your fitness aspirations.

Don’t know if having a workout buddy is right for you?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: “Even if you like to work out alone, changing things up with a buddy every once in a while can help you work harder and learn new things.”

So, what’s the first step? Finding the right person or people to workout with.

Not just anyone can be a good fitness partner. Searching for someone with similar goals, time commitments and motivations as you is a good start. Having a positive attitude is another plus. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should have a workout buddy:

  1. Workout buddies can make working out more fun.

Having the right workout buddy can be an extra incentive to go to the gym. A gym pal can transform a dreadful workout into a refreshing, feel-good activity. 

Credit: Best Health Magazine
  1. You and your workout buddy can hold an active social hour!

Your workout buddy is a homie. Working out becomes more desirable when you get to spend quality time with someone while doing it — sharing a passion for fitness is a great bonding experience!

  1. Workout buddies can motivate you to expand your comfort zone.

Being in an unfamiliar environment around unfamiliar people can be overwhelming — the unwanted stares from other members can make you feel uneasy and unwelcome. A workout buddy can ease the stress and anxiety of going to the gym alone. Having a fitness partner can also help you explore different workouts and encourage you to consistently push your limits and set higher goals. 

Credit: Pinterest
  1. A workout buddy can help you gain self-confidence.

As you strive towards achieving your personal ambitions, you may find it reassuring to have someone cheering you on and praising your sweat-filled hard work. With the support of a workout buddy, successes can be celebrated and missteps reflected upon. You and your workout buddy can uplift each other to stay committed and persevere no matter what obstacles may lie ahead.

  1. Your workout buddy’s supportive words can help you perform on target.

A trustworthy and dependable individual can not only provide you with words of encouragement and commendation, but also constructive criticism. Your workout buddy’s good-natured judgment can help ensure that you stay on the right track and maintain good form. 

Credit: Pinterest
  1. Workout buddies can hold you accountable.

You and your gym buddy can keep each other in check and make eachother more committed to maintaining a routine. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to work out, having an enthusiastic workout buddy may do the trick in lessening the number of skip days you take and making sure you finish every last rep. 

  1. You can connect with a workout buddy anytime, anywhere.

Given the pandemic and busy schedules, at-home workouts have proven to be the most comfortable and convenient for some. If you or your gym buddy cannot physically be present to work out, you can be virtually in real time with the touch of a finger. 

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