Guide to Building Your Morning and Nighttime Routine

Why You Need A Morning Routine!

I cannot stress enough the difference having a solid morning and night routine in college has had on me.

I have 9:20 a.m. classes Monday through Friday and I have always been someone who loves sleep, so waking up refreshed and staying that way throughout the day is crucial.

Everyone always says to get at least eight hours of sleep, but I shoot for nine during the weekdays.

Overall, having an established morning routine allows me to start my day the best way possible and I find that I am a lot more relaxed no matter how much work I have.

Taking control of my mornings allows me to feel more control over my schedule  rather than having my schedule control me.

Some benefits include better productivity, prioritizing of time and focusing on goals. 

Here are some tips to get started on owning your morning routine: 

I try not to spend more than five minutes on my phone when I wake up because it’s not good to browse social media first thing in the morning.

Studies show how exposing yourself to social media first thing in the morning can actually increase your stress levels.

Scrolling social media leads one to compare themselves to others and gives more power to our phones, which is not the best way to start your day.

It is important to have some sort of motivation to get out of bed because let’s be honest, we all would love to lounge in bed all morning if we could.

What helps me get out of bed is knowing that I will have a fresh cup of coffee next to me, and I suggest you do this as well, with your drink of choice.

Credit: Pinterest

It is also so necessary to drink lots of water when you first wake up, so I fill up my half gallon of water and try to drink a third of it.

I also make my bed right away because it is such a simple way of starting the morning with a little less clutter and I am less tempted to crawl back under the covers. Afterward, I simply open up the shades in my room to let natural light in and I actually feel like I am ready to face the day. 

It’s All About the Little Things 

It is always nice sitting in my pajamas or comfy clothes for the first class or two of the day, depending on what my schedule is like.

If I have a big break between classes, this is when I usually workout.

If I have time I like to make my favorite oatmeal (chocolate protein powder, one banana, almond butter, and walnuts) and sit for 20 minutes and watch a show.

Another thing I have found that puts me in better mood for the day is writing in my journal.

Credit: Pinterest

I built a journaling routine of writing my goals, how I feel and a quote for the day. You can write whatever you want in a journal, whether it is a to do list or just thoughts. It really puts into perspective the day I want to have and what I hope to accomplish. 

Preparing for Bed

Then there is the nighttime routine. I tend to finish most of my work by dinner time, but occasionally I do procrastinate.

I budget my time so I never work on assignments too late, but this has taken practice.

If you are someone who procrastinates, put your phone far away from you because nailing down a nighttime routine will really help with better sleep and less stress. 


I love putting on a facemask two to three times a week.

The two types I use are Bad Habits from Ulta for hydration, and Revision SkinCare black clay mask for pores.

Just the idea of a facemask helps get me in the mindset for bed and relaxes me.

Credit: Pinterest

Normally when I am home I like making a cup of tea because it is calming, but make sure it is caffeine free!  

Turning off Screens!

It can be really hard not to binge watch TV shows or scroll through TikTok while laying in bed, but all of us do it.

I give myself at most an hour with screen time, but I always wear blue light glasses because they help lessen stimulation in my brain activity. I got the glasses my junior year before a lot of people had them because I loved the look of them, but they are honestly amazing when it comes to helping you get your sleep.

Finally, reading a book or journaling should be the last thing before you turn out your lights. Looking at a screen right before bed will disrupt your sleep cycle and even if you are not a big reader, find a fun book or journal your day because your mind will begin to relax and prepare for sleep.

Overall, the more you incorporate a steady morning and night routine, the more your brain will be accustomed to it. Now, when I am following my morning routine it is like telling my brain to focus and wake up. And when I follow my nighttime routine it is like telling my brain to relax. 

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