How to Bring Color Back Into Your Life… Starting With Your Wardrobe

*By Virgina Baker*

At the risk of sounding trite… we are all ready to get back to the real world. I never would have expected to be over wearing my sweats, but alas. 

Everyone’s itching for warmer weather and being able to style a look that someone other than their roommate will see. That is why this fall people are reaching for more. More color, more excitement, more risks. This collective mindset of wanting more is the ideal environment for fashion to thrive

It is time to reinvigorate our wardrobes, and the best way to do that is COLOR. 

This fall, we all need to add some color back into the world. Whether we look at this season’s sage and rose trends or simply toss on something other than a black bodysuit or white tee (which, don’t get me wrong, I adore), it is time to mix things up! 

If this past year has taught me anything, it is that you have to be able to find the good. Some days are harder than others, however, as Richard Wagner said, “Joy is not in things; it is in us.” It is not the world’s responsibility to be beautiful, it is ours to find and create that beauty. 

We have to put on our own rose-colored glasses…literally. This fall, glasses are such a fun and easy way to brighten up any look. They are easy to throw on and even more fun to walk around in. 

Another great accessory that can spice up any outfit is a fun purse. I am loving the fun purse trend. Whether it is funky and chunky, like the ones that Versace showed off, or something a little more understated. 

The best part about a colorful purse is that it doesn’t have to match. In fact, the more random, the better! When you aren’t afraid to try new things, it elevates your style and comes off like you know what you’re doing — even if you don’t think you do. 

This year knits are taking over,  and I cannot get enough of them. There are so many different styles and cuts to appeal to just about anyone. They are also such a great way to work color into your look in a way that will last you all year. 

You can throw on a cute knit with some jean shorts or fitted dress and sneakers for a casual daytime look that will keep you both comfy and on-trend. 

One of my new obsessions is colorful pants and shorts. They are bold, exciting and unexpected. I have found so many great styles so far and cannot wait to wear them all. Whether you go with sweet pastels or electric brights, you are sure to make a big statement and feel great doing it. 

No matter how you choose to brighten up your wardrobe this spring and summer, you will surely feel the benefits of escaping the gloom of the winter. 

Embrace the season and have fun with your wardrobe again! Fashion should not be stuffy or stressful — wear what makes you feel good and will make you look good.  

Credit: Pinterest

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