90s Inspired Rings: The What and Why

Dainty rings, a previously trendy classic, have begun to be replaced by chunkier and funkier rings. 

The 90s-inspired rings are making a comeback and have become increasingly popular amongst celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain and Mia Reagen. 

Some businesses, like La Manso and Mon Cher Moi, have launched their own websites and have absolutely blown up. Other artists have stayed small, but still manage to be successful by handmaking their pieces and selling them through online thrift stores such as Depop and Etsy. 

Regardless, there are so many different brands to shop from with varying price ranges and styles!

La Manso

Credit: @la_manso on Instagram

La Manso, a ring brand designed by Adriana Manso, was created with the hope of getting people to be themselves and express their creativity. She has collected plastics since she was young and has always admired her grandmother’s outrageously glamorous jewelry. 

In 2017, Manso launched her brand in a family-owned factory in Barcelona and has seen only success ever since. 

Each ring is made to be long-lasting, but is also made of completely recyclable materials.

Manso’s message to her followers is to do whatever they want. She claims that her personality reminds her of a child’s, and she expresses that sense of carelessness and uniqueness through her statement pieces. 

The prices of her rings range from $40 to $80. You can find these one-of-a-kind pieces on Instagram or online.

Mon Cher Moi 

Credit: @monchermoi on Instagram

Mon Cher Moi, French for “My Dear Self,” is a female-owned brand based in LA with a mission to bring joy to people around the world, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic. 

The brand’s fun, colorful and textured rings, priced anywhere from $30 to $80, help remind their customers that self-care and self-love are the most important things to maintain in order to have a positive mindset. 

These intricately crafted pieces of art should remind you that putting yourself before others is often crucial to achieve joy, which is portrayed through their vibrant colors and complex shapes. Shop some of their pieces online or on Instagram

Devil’s Advocate

Credit: @devilsadvocate.co on Instagram

Successfully utilizing Depop to launch a small business, Devil’s Advocate, Alexandra Petrakis designs and creates colorful clay rings- completely from scratch.

Her unique, hand-painted rings are priced anywhere between $20 to $30. These pieces are bright and fun, and they are exactly in line with the sweeping chunky ring trend. 

In addition to their stunning appearances, since these works of art are made of clay, they are completely environmentally friendly! Shop these rings on Depop or Instagram.


Credit: @_blobb on Instagram

Blobb is a brand that started in Mexico City by sculptor Sofia Elias. These resin rings are fun and colorful ways to spice up any outfit. 

Elias considers these rings tiny pieces of art made to be stacked on your fingers. Each ring is completely unique. 

These rings are made so that wearers can express themselves and show that they are special individuals, just like their jewelry. These pieces are priced at around $50 and can be found and purchased on the Blobb Instagram, which is a piece of art in itself. 

Bonbon Whims 

Credit: @thebonbonwhimsclub on Instagram

The Bonbon Whims Club creates jewelry that will bring you back to what was most popular in your middle school days. 

The women of color-owned business embodies the Y2K aesthetic with rings that are made of upcycled vintage materials and hand-painted resin. 

Designed by Clare Ngai, these shiny pieces come in many different shapes and colors and guarantee to make your look much more fun. 

Bonbon Whims has been featured on VOGUE, NYMag, WhoWhatWear and other popular enterprises, making an outstanding impact on the fashion industry with over 15,000 followers on Instagram

These fun pieces range from $30 to $60, and some of the proceeds are donated to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. These are an absolute must-have and can be found here

Why shop from Small Businesses?

Supporting small businesses is crucial to the planet and the community for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, small business owners enjoy what they do. Most of them even do it as a side hustle, so you can usually guarantee that every piece will be made with extreme love and care.

These companies rely on their customers to help them stay afloat. Sometimes, this means having to pay a higher price, but most small businesses handmake their products, so you are often paying for much higher quality. 

Spending money on a local business helps to stimulate the economy in your community, which can only benefit you in the end. Additionally, small business owners always listen to their customers for feedback.. 

In the past few years, many small businesses have been making an effort to go green. Large retail companies create an immense amount of waste, accounting for over 10 percent of global carbon emissions. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and small businesses adopting these values will help knock out larger fast-fashion brands. 

These trendy rings are guaranteed to add a fun twist to the simplest of outfits, all while being eco-friendly. There is always a way to be stylish and still do wonders for our planet!  

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