Start Collecting Your Must Haves for Fall and Winter

With the seasons changing and the colder months approaching, it’s time to pull yourself away from the mindset of sundresses and suntans and start embracing the joys of fall and winter. 

If you’re not a colder-weather person the shift of the seasons can be disappointing. To lift your spirits and help you enjoy the colder months, The Fit compiled some must have items for the fall and winter. 

Vitscan Water Bottle

A half gallon water bottle that keeps you motivated while drinking water throughout the day! It is used by many fitness enthusiasts and serves as a daily reminder we should be trying to drink about the amount we weigh in ounces of water. Studies show how water can keep reduce stress, promote strong brain activity and so much more!

Bad Habit Face Mask

This is THE best mask to heal sensitive, dry skin. I find that my skin becomes overwhelmed and sensitive by the end of the weekend after applying makeup for a few days. This mask is a great way to reset your skin and prevent dry patches / areas of irritation that come from rubbing your face on makeup wipes or towels.

Credit: Ulta Beauty

Revision Pore Purifying Clay Mask

For skin that does not get dry but instead can be oily and prone to breakouts, this face mask is perfect for cleaning out your pores.

Eye Mask

An under eye mask gently exfoliates your skin, reduces redness / puffiness and most importantly takes away the bags under your eye!

Fuzzy Mittens

Use these mittens to prevent your hands from getting dry in the cold weather. Mittens are my absolute favorite way to add some style to an outfit and keep you warm and comfortable!

Sweatsuit Set 

Target, Zara and Aritzia are three great options for sweatsuits. They offer a wide range of selections depending on how much you want to spend. Sweatsuit sets are great for staying warm and comfy, but can also be a stylish way to show up to class. 

Skims Lounge Pants

These pants are so worth the investment! These pants look cute with a comfy sweatshirt or sweater. The best part is they look good on any figure.

Arbonne Body Scrub

This body scrub outdoes all the other ones. It helps rejuvenate your skin, which trust me, it’s begging for it in the cold weather when the sun is not out as much. This brand is also extremely environmentally friendly, vegan and gluten free certified, as well as dermatologist recommended. 

Credit: arbonne

Essential Oil Diffuser

You can get a diffuser at a bunch of places, but this is a relatively affordable and great brand. Diffusers are a great way to prevent your dorm room from getting stuffy and bring a calming / clean feeling. If you are ever stressed, which is most of the time at school, or feel like your room needs a pick-me-up, diffusers are the answer. I also recommend getting essential oils that have holiday scents, like peppermint! You can get essential oils on Amazon, or I recommend Whole Foods, because they have great reviews. 

Cute Tumbler Cups

Try your best to keep the environment in mind when it comes to things like drinking coffee or tea in the morning. If you’re like me, coffee is a part of your everyday routine. It is so important to buy a reusable cup that will get you to stop wasting so much plastic! It can be tedious to clean the cup each day, but it is so worth it. Especially if you find a cup you love! 

A cozy sweater

Invest in a good sweater. Cashmere can be super expensive and we do not always want to spend a hundred dollars on a sweater we may only wear a couple of times. Although, I find that buying a sweater I love, even if it is a little above budget, can be worth it. On cold days, throwing on a nice, comfortable sweater can not only make you feel great, but dressing nice can be a great motivator. Some great brands to look at include Aritzia, Rebecca Minkoff, Rag and Bone and Reformation. If you are on a budget, then I promise you the best websites are Zara and Cider. Cider is where I go to shop for a great statement sweater. 

Black Boots

Black boots are perfect for going out or a quick shoe to throw on with jeans for class. Nordstrom has such cute pairs, and these are one of my favorites. They last you a long time and keep your feet warm during the cold weather. 

Leather Pants

Artizia’s infamous pants… you do not need to spend a fortune on them. If you have been wanting the Aritzia pants for a while then definitely make the purchase. But, there are also so many other places that sell them for cheaper! Abercrombie Leather Pants, Zara Leather Pants, and Princess Polly Leather Pants.

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