The Ultimate Hair Routine For Your Next Night Out

*By Amanda Ellman*

I have always been the friend to get asked if I can do someone’s hair for a night out. Luckily, I truly enjoy styling hair. If you want an easy routine that you can teach yourself with just a little bit of practice, keep reading! I will give you the best products and easiest way to get this done. 

My routine:

  1. First I get in the shower and wash my hair with the R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo and the R+Co Bel Air Smoothing Conditioner. Sometimes, if I have been using heat on my hair a lot I will use a quick hydrating conditioning mask from IGK that is amazing! It should stay in your hair for 3 minutes in the shower so it gives you the perfect amount of time to shave your legs in between! 
Credit: Youtube
  1. After the shower, I like to let my hair  air dry a bit so I can keep as much heat off as possible. Since college I have put a lot more heat on my hair than I would like too. The best product I use during my routine is the IGK Good Behavior 4 in 1 prep spray. It controls your frizz, detangles, and is a heat protectant. This is essential to my routine and I highly recommend adding it to yours. 

Now here comes the long part but it is all worth it in the end!

  1. Now, take a blowdryer and run it through your hair. I personally use the Dyson air wrap and it could not be any easier to do my hair if I am in a rush, but any tool will get the job done. 
Credit: Dyson
  1. I love to keep my hair hydrated by using the Ouai Hair Oil and the Ouai Heat Protectant spray. You only need a drop of the hair oil on your ends and that should do the trick.  I also use the heat protectant just to make sure I am not burning my hair off, because I am doing this routine at least three  times a week. 
Credit: OUAI
  1. Here is the part. I discovered the DryBar Wrap Party Wand a few years ago and it could not be any easier to use. I taught myself so that means you can too. This is how I do it: I turn my wand on to about 360 degrees. Make sure you section your hair so the waves are even throughout. The bottom layer usually has the tightest curls for me. I take an inch or so of hair and wrap it around the wand away from my face (that is key!). I leave it there for about 10-15 seconds.  Then, let it out to cool, don’t touch it or anything. I repeat it all over my head. When I get to the top section and the front pieces I usually start lower on the piece of hair. If you want to get that effortless beachy look you need to leave the end of your hair off the iron and let the curls fall.
  1. Last step! Now all you need to do is use any texturizing hair spray.  Just use a bit throughout your hair and you should be good to go for the night. 

This six step routine is super easy and you can use any products you want. It only takes a few times to teach yourself and then you will master it. I love how my hair turns out after I am done and the next day it looks even better. 

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