Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving

By Ali Kaplan
When it comes to Thanksgiving, I am all about the food (as is everyone, right?). However, I am not always the host  or have control over the oven. Here are some recipes that I think are far more fun than traditional sides and make a great dish to bring to dinner. Making these recipes can be a fun way to feel like you are contributing to Thanksgiving dinner, without the pressure those elementary main courses sometimes bring.

Appetizer Ideas: 

Pumpkin coffee cake:

Here is a twist on coffee cake that is suited best for the month of November. This can be served as a light holiday breakfast or even as a dessert. For those that love to bake, this is also a great activity to do the morning of the 25.

Credit: Pinterest

Baked Brie:

The perfect way to spice up your average charcuterie board is with brie cheese wrapped in a pastry. It is so easy to make and is always a fan favorite when having guests over for appetizers before a big Thanksgiving meal. 

Credit: NYT Cooking

Main Course Ideas:

Brussel Sprout Salad:

With all of the heavy dishes usually served as the main course, this brussel sprout salad is a lighter side that can add some color to your Thanksgiving plate!

Credit: Country Living

Sweet Potato Casserole:

Sweet potato casserole usually leaves no leftovers on Thanksgiving. Serve it with the main meal to have a sweet side against more savory turkey and stuffing.

Credit: Delish

Herbed Cornbread:

Cornbread is a Thanksgiving staple, but can sometimes be bland. Adding basil and dill helps to enhance the flavor of the bread while still keeping this item on the menu.

Credit: The Food Network

Dessert Ideas: 

Turkey Leg Rice Krispies


This is such a cute dessert, especially for a Thanksgiving where kids are involved! They can be made with brown rice crispies or regular. 

Chocolate covered turkey strawberries:


These are a super fun addition to dinner, especially if you are traveling to a relative’s house. These little turkeys can be made the night before and stored in the freezer. They don’t require any baking which can be helpful when there are so many other things that keep the kitchen utilities occupied. These can be customized to be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

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