How to Stay Motivated to Workout as It Gets Colder

*By Jamie Vacca*

When the weather is warmer, I know that I and the vast majority of my friends are more inclined to spend as much time outside as possible. Activities such as walking, running and biking are enjoyable, and we are all eager to take advantage of this time under the beating sun. In contrast, however, many of us tend to gravitate towards the comfort of our own homes once the frigid temperatures settle in. Although the unbearable cold most definitely makes it more challenging to stick to an exercise routine and maintain motivation, I have come up with several strategies that help me stick to a good schedule.

Find an exercise buddy

Committing to an exercise routine with a friend has proven to be an invaluable way of staying active. I have several friends who I know I can count on to stay fit with me, and motivating as a group is very effective. Furthermore, doing a workout class or going on a walk is a great way of not only bonding with your friends but also holding each other accountable. Even when it gets colder and working out becomes a dreaded activity, it is much more manageable when you aren’t alone.

Credit: Pinterest

Book a class

Booking an exercise class ahead of time is a strategy that I often use to ensure I follow through with my endeavors. I especially use this strategy when the forecast looks gloomy, because as much as I’d like to bail on that early morning Kamps class, I have already booked it. At this point, there’s no looking back, and I can get myself to look forward to how great I’ll feel after. When planning out my week, I like to book between two and three classes to keep myself on track for a productive and active week. Furthermore, booking a class forces you to stick to the commitment, no matter how unbearable the weather may be.

Have fun with it!

When I struggle to stay motivated, I like to switch up my routine. I usually love to do HIIT workouts, but some days I can’t get myself to do it. A fun alternative to one of these classes is a dance class. I could possibly be one of the most uncoordinated people you’ll ever meet, but having fun with the dances is a great way to stay not only fit but also very entertaining for anyone watching.

Credit: @growingannanas Youtube

I know that when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than the comfort of my bedroom. However, exercise is self-care. I encourage everyone to work out for their own well-being rather than trying to attain a certain body image. I hope these ideas inspire you to stay active and challenge you to switch up your routine!

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