Trending Winter Jackets For The Season

It is finally the season for winter jackets and being on trend is always the goal! There are always new jackets to add to your closet, and this year there are many to note. We all know that a huge puffy jacket is not always the most flattering, however, the ones listed below are a necessary addition to your wardrobe while making a great fashion statement!  

My personal favorite is the Aritzia Super Puff.

This is the jacket I wear every day, it looks perfect with leggings, sweatpants, and/or jeans. It comes in a variety of colors and exciting fabric options. There are several lengths that work well for the specific temperature you are living in. The Superpuff is amazing quality, and you will catch many people wearing them around many cold-weather campuses. 

Next on my list is the Zara faux cropped leather puffer jacket.

This is a fun alternative to your everyday puffer because you can dress it up or down. This puffer can be worn out to dinner, to class or even just for a casual walk. I would recommend this jacket to anyone who likes to mix things up when it comes to their everyday wardrobe.


The North Face 1986 Retro Nuptse jacket has definitely made a comeback.

It comes in several unique colors and two different lengths. This “vintage” style is now one of the biggest trending puffer jackets. We know how much people love the comeback vintage trends, and this is the ideal one for winter.

This next brand of jackets is more of a splurge, but if affordable, it is worth it.

Sam NYC makes many different styles of puffers and other coats, but the most popular choices are the Freestyle and Gigi. They are super trendy, easy to wear, and can be worn with anything. Although pricier, this jacket will last forever and will always be in fashion.  

Credit: SAM NYC

Lastly, the infamous Amazon Jacket is still on point.

I joined in on this trend a few years ago and always reach back into my closet when looking for a cozy and warm jacket. I still continue to see many people walking around with it on! This trendy jacket made its mark when social media influencers like Arielle Charnas, were posting on their Instagram about it.

Credit: Amazon

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