Top 5 Winter Time Activities

*By: Alexandra Pollak*

With the holiday season comes a break from school and plenty of time to spend with family and friends. There is so much to do as the weather gets colder, both inside and outside. Instead of binge watching TV shows all day long in your room, grab some friends and go have fun with winter-oriented activities.

Here are my top 5 favorite holiday activities in order to make the most of the holiday season with your loved ones:

  1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun activity for all ages to partake in and makes a great spontaneous plan. Find the nearest rink,, grab your friends and see how long you can skate without falling.

Credit: Pinterest
  1. Make Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love this sweet, classic drink? Forget the Swiss Miss packets and make homemade hot chocolate this winter. If you’re feeling adventurous, order hot chocolate bomb molds (I ordered my molds off of Amazon) and create last year’s TikTok trend in your kitchen.

Credit: Amazon
  1. Go to a Hockey Game

Now that fans can attend sporting events again, go cheer on your favorite hockey team with your family and friends. It’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house and watch something other than television. 

  1. Bake Holiday Cookies

Bake and decorate holiday-themed cookies just like they do in the movies. Buy colored frosting and get crafty as you relive your childhood. If you’re feeling really nostalgic, bake the cookies on Christmas Eve and leave them out for Santa.

Credit: Pinterest
  1. Build a Gingerbread House

Get artsy again with food and build a gingerbread house.. Turn this into a competition and see who can decorate theirs the best, and whose house collapses first. 

Credit: Betty Crocker

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