The Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2021

There were so many fashion trends this year that I absolutely loved! Here are 10 of my favorite fashion trends from 2021 that I think will continue into 2022.

Matching Sets

Whether dressing up or dressing down, matching sets are perfect because they’re the whole outfit in one. My favorite types of matching sets are definitely pajama, workout, or sweat sets.


Shackets are the best of both worlds, they combine a shirt and jacket together. They have become popular over the past few years and I truly love them! They’re super fun to create outfits with. I love this pink plaid shacket that I just got from Zara; I’m super excited to style it.

Y2K Fashion

I love how Y2K fashion has started to make a comeback! Amazon is definitely my go-to for Y2K fashion as there are so many options and it’s super affordable.

Flare Yoga Pants

Flare yoga pants and just flare pants, in general, are super fun to spice up any outfit. Plus, they’re super comfortable too! I love these ones from Alo Yoga and Aerie.

Fun Prints

Fun prints whether on sweaters, pants, or shirts are also great to spice up any outfit. I’ve seen myself more recently gravitate towards fun prints because they’re unique and add an element to my style.

Bubblegum Pink

Pink is probably my favorite color, so I really enjoy the bubblegum pink trend. It’s such a fun and bright color that’s great to style.

Oversized Denim

Probably one of my favorite (and most worn) trends on this list would be oversized denim. Oversized denim is effortless and there are so many cool pieces that you can find.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are actually the only fashion trend on this list that I don’t own! I’ve been in the market for a cool sweater vest, I think they look great styled over a long sleeve shirt. I love how they’ve grown in popularity over the years! I love these ones from Brandy Melville.

Midi Skirts

I love midi skirts! My favorite way to style them is with a plain t-shirt. They’re super versatile and come in so many varieties!


Ruffles, a fashion trend definitely on the preppier side, is one of my favorite trends of this year. They’re so fun and girly. My favorite variety of ruffles is on skirts and shirts. I own this Zara t-shirt with ruffles and it’s a super easy and fun shirt that I love to throw on.

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