New Year, New Fashion Trends

A new year is always a good time to update your wardrobe and add some new pieces. In 2021, there was a huge shift towards valuing individual style instead of blindly following trends. However, certain fashion concepts are expected to make a return to style in 2022. Here’s a look into seven trends you most likely will see in the upcoming year.

  1. Animal Print

Recently, animal print has come in and out of style, but it is expected to make a return. Easy to pair with a basic, animal print adds some flair and a touch of personality to any outfit. Specifically, zebra print is beginning to trend, and we are seeing popular brands like Zara and Princess Polly highlight this print in their new lines. 

  1. Corset Tops

While we have seen corset tops in the spotlight for almost a year now, they are expected to become even more popular in the new year. This piece is easy to style and incorporate into a variety of outfits for all occasions. 

  1. Bright Handbags

You can add some flair and personality to an outfit in 2022 with a bright, neon bag. This trend allows people to stick with their personal style and play around with fun colors. A pop of color in accessory form always looks great with any outfit.

  1. Gladiator Sandals

Whether you associate this trend with Y2K or its 2016 comeback, gladiator sandals are back in style. These look great with a flowy skirt or jean shorts over the summer, so make sure to buy a pair before summer 2022.

  1. Graphic Prints

While we did see this trend emerge in 2021, we are expected to see more geometric prints in 2022. Through skirts, sweaters, and dresses, this trend will continue to appear on the runways.

  1. Chandelier Earrings

Jewelry and accessories are great ways to incorporate personal style into outfits. These low-hanging earrings are visible with every hair length and add a cute touch to an outfit. They can be used to dress an outfit up or down, making them a 2022 staple piece.

  1. Mini Skirts

Even though midi and maxi skirts have recently been trending, expect to see a comeback in mini skirts. This style really is timeless, making now a great time to go add a few to your wardrobe. 

With so many new trends expected to arrive in 2022, there is so much to anticipate in the fashion world.

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