The Coolest Sweatshirts and Hoodies That You’ll Want in Your Collection

I will say that I am a sweatshirt and hoodie fanatic! They’re my favorite clothing item to throw on, whether over leggings or sweatpants. There are many cool trendy brands with awesome sweatshirts and hoodies that I thought I’d share. I hope you enjoy it.

Cherry LA

Cherry LA, based and founded out of Los Angeles, has some of the coolest streetwear in the game! While they also sell tops, shorts, pants, accessories, and more, I think their sweatshirts and hoodies are the star of the show. I love how simple a lot of the clothing is, the branding and designs make the streetwear.


Hangover Hoodies

Hangover Hoodies is a company that started during the Covid pandemic. Founders Delaney Mountford and Katelyn Gerstenschlager played on the same Northern Indiana soccer team, and when Delaney was having trouble finding a job during the pandemic, their side hustle started. Their mission is to provide you comfort and optimism while wearing their hoodies. They’re constantly releasing new collections! I own a Hangover Hoodie and I can attest it is one of my favorite hoodies.

Lonely Ghost

Lonely Ghost is a trendy streetwear brand that started in 2019. Founders Indy Blue and Bronson Christensen wanted to open a retail site in 2020, but their plans were slightly altered due to the pandemic. By the end of 2020, they were able to open their first pop-up shop in Provo, Utah. They believe in their customers’ power to promote Lonely Ghost apparel which then influences their business decisions. And it sure has done that, Lonely Ghost gained popularity over the years especially among influencers! 



Madhappy, launched in 2017, was created to launch the conversation on mental health. They hope that their products and experiences create optimism for their customers. Along with the retail brand itself, Madhappy has moved into other realms such as playlists and podcasts. I own a few things from Madhappy myself, and I will say they are super worth it especially for the quality and comfort they provide! I always get excited when Madhappy releases a new collection, I just want to keep on buying their merchandise. They’re just that good!



The name Pan-Gaia comes from two words; pan meaning all inclusive and gaia meaning mother earth. Pangaia is on a mission to save the environment! Their products are created through bio-engineered material and innovative technology. Products are designed for everyday use in any situation; they’re simple and environmentally conscious.

Shadow Hill USA

Founded in 2017, Shadow Hill is an athleisure brand handmade in Los Angeles. They sell a variety of athleisure including outerwear, bottoms, t-shirts, hoodies, and more. The designs on their hoodies are super cool and unique. They’re definitely a brand to look into if you want to expand your sweatshirt/hoodie collection!


Stussy is an American clothing brand founded in 1980, born out of the Southern California surf scene. Shawn Stussy first started his clothing brand by selling at the Action Sports Retailer trade show. After success at the show, he started up with friend/business partner, Frank Sinatra Jr. Ever since then, Stussy has been a success. Stussy is available to purchase through other retailers as well, such as Urban Outfitters.



Talentless, a brand by no other than Scott Disick. He named the brand Talentless because he wants to show that those who were in the reality business are indeed NOT talentless. The brand is a capstone to Disick’s style evolution. His goal was to create clothing that had more of a normalcy in price opposed to the designer sweatshirt that can run for $400. Additionally, 3% of all sales go towards the nonprofit, Fuck Cancer. I believe what Disick is doing is really great, and I really like the clothing he has put out!

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The Mayfair Group

The Mayfair Group has a message that I believe is very similar to Madhappy. They want to celebrate the unfiltered human experience, empathy, and vulnerability. CEO Sam Abrahart launched the Mayfair Group in 2017 after struggling with mental health for years. In “Mayfair World” everyone is welcome to look AND feel good. I love their color palette and each and every one of their designs. I think this is what makes The Mayfair Group stand out on this list!

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