The Dyson Airwrap: Worth The Hype, But Not The Price

Written By: Zoe Aaron

If you have spent any time on TikTok in the past year, you have probably heard of the Dyson AirWrap. The hair tool serves as a traditional blow dryer, as well as a straightening agent, curling wand and blowout brush. This styling tool is made out to be the end all, be all – the best way to achieve that effortless bouncy blow out. As the proud owner of a Dyson AirWrap, I am here to share what those on TikTok don’t – that this contraption is worth the hype, but not the price. 

Credit: Dyson

You may be thinking to yourself, if this curling iron, blow brush, hair straightener and blow dryer hybrid is amazing but not worth a whopping $600 (yes, you read that right, $600), then why  does this girl have it? Well, I was lucky enough to be gifted the Dyson AirWrap as a fluke. 

My aunt said to me one day, “I got this blow dryer thing that didn’t really work on my hair, do you want it?” She stepped aside and revealed that this “blow dryer thing” was the coveted Dyson, pristinely packed in its caramel leather case, almost sparkling in its space gray and pink glory. 

After the internal debate of whether or not I could accept such a gift, and explaining to her what she would be giving up, she insisted that I (and my twin sister) accept her gift. So, who was I to argue?

After that visit, I got home and immediately started to test out my new gift. I would attach and detach every extension, making efforts to relearn a task as simple as blow drying my wet hair. After a year or so of being the co-owner of such a staple of the beauty industry, I have compiled my thoughts, and I am here to share them with you. 

For starters, I find that it takes a long time to finish styling my hair. Yes, it might not take as long as blow drying compared to curling or straightening, however, it is time consuming nonetheless. First you have to make sure your hair is “roughly 80-85 percent dry.” And, when those TikTok tutorials say “roughly 80-85 percent”, they really mean “make sure your hair is 80-85 percent dry. Not 79 percent dry and not 86 percent dry.” 

Those who make the AirWrap seem second nature fail to mention: if your hair is slightly too damp, it will be too heavy for the barrel to hold and thereby curl, and if your hair is slightly too dry, any kinks, frizz or imperfection will be much harder to smooth out. You are then left going over that same piece of hair over and over again. While I may be taking these TikTok tutorials a bit too seriously to some, those who know the frustration of seeing a small curl next to otherwise perfectly straight and smooth hair feel my pain.

Credit: Dyson

My second complaint about the Dyson AirWrap is that the bouncy blowout that everyone seems to achieve on TikTok is not all that achievable to the average person. While this may be a side effect of my very fine, anti-curl holding hair, I know first-hand that I am not the only person who feels this way. My twin sister has thick, curl-holding hair and even she cannot get her blowout to look identical to what is seen online. 

After following tutorial after tutorial, holding the wrapped hair on the barrel for 10 seconds, then 15 seconds, and of course, using the infamous cool shot, I find my hair falling and looking more like a straight blow dry with a little bit of body and movement on the ends, rather than the voluminous, bouncy, curled (but not too curly) look that I was aiming for.

Perhaps my hair is not compatible with curls in general, however, for $600, this blow dryer should be able to defy all limitations of hair type, as well as give a perfect, fly-away-less blow out that should last 12 days rather than 12 hours. 

Granted, I don’t have the world changing, life-saving, revolutionary Olaplex No. 7 hair oil, so perhaps my standards are a little too high.

Credit: Dyson

As anything does, there is definitely a learning curve to using the Dyson AirWrap, however, besides the time it takes to do my hair, the curl holding ability of my hair, and the price, I don’t have many other complaints about the Dyson AirWrap. In fact, I see many benefits. 

One of the Dyson’s key features is that it uses significantly less heat on your hair, while still being able to curl or straighten your hair, two looks that when achieved with irons, cause a lot of damage. The dyson achieves a sophisticated, clean look without all that damage. 

The coveted Dyson AirWrap doesn’t leave your hair with that lingering burning stench that other hot tools do, nor does it smell like burning hair during any point of the styling process. If you don’t know what I am talking about, well, consider yourself blessed. 

Credit: Dyson

Another pro of the Dyson is that it is not abhorrently loud. Now this may not seem like that big of a deal, but if you have ever tried to blowdry your hair while simultaneously trying to have a conversation, listen to music or read a text (and actually comprehend it), you know how huge of a game-changer this feature can be. 

And lastly, any frequent user of a blowdryer, or blowbrush, knows that feeling of imminent doom when your head is half way dry and then your tool just shuts off – that no amount of outlet resetting or button pushing can fix – leaving you in a race against the time it takes for your blow dryer to come back to life and the time it takes for your hair to dry. However, with the Dyson AirWrap (and a clean dyson filter), those days are gone.

All in all, yes, the ‘Dyson AirWrap’ actually fulfills its claims, is multifunctional and its quality is truly unbeatable. However, if I was not simply given the highly sought after AirWrap (which again, I was so fortunate to have been), I would not own it. To be completely honest, the only way I could maybe justify the price was if this tool gave me runway ready hair in under 10 minutes and cured world hunger. Until that happens, I’m not able to get behind its hefty price.

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