5 Simple Ways To Stay Warm While Fashionable This Winter

*By: Cammie Wylie*

Staying fashionable while it’s freezing outside isn’t the easiest task. During the winter months, all I want to do is wear my pajamas and sit by the fire, wrapped up in a blanket. However, sometimes it is worth the extra five minutes it takes to feel more put together by making more fashionable choices in your winter wardrobe. Feeling great in your clothes will not only improve your mood, but also increase your productivity during a winter slump. I’ve compiled a list of five tips to dress cute while staying warm with minimal effort. 

Tip #1: Layer a puffer vest or coat over a different color hoodie or sweater. 

Puffer vests and coats are very on-trend, and a great way to spice up your average puffer is to opt for one in a bright color. Or, you can layer one of your favorite hoodies, crewnecks or sweaters in a bright color underneath. This street style inspired layering will keep you warm while adding some color to your wardrobe, brightening up those gray winter days! 

Tip #2: Accessories! 

Thick wool scarves and beanies are a great way to stay warm while playing with color and patterns. I’ve seen some great plaid wool scarves that would be the perfect transition into spring. A colorful beanie is a great way to add a pop of color to your look without going all-in.

Tip #3: Fleece lined tights. 

Fleece lined tights are an amazing alternative for staying warm on a night out. Whether you want to wear a cute mini skirt or a little black dress, opt to wear fleece lined tights. There are many options, ranging from black to sheer, that can really elevate a night out look while keeping you warm. 

Credit: Amazon

Tip #4: A monochrome look.

Many people’s go-to winter coats are black or white. An easy way to dress up your simple winter coat is to match it with a monochromatic outfit. An all black or white look with your winter coat looks super coordinated whilst there is little to no effort put in. Plus, it’s a great way to really get use out of your winter coat and not let it go to waste before spring. 

Tip #5: Splurge on some new snow boots! 

Moon boots as well as short ugg boots are extremely trendy right now for a reason – they offer comfort and warmth while keeping your feet in style. However, if you aren’t looking to splurge on new snow boots, opt for dressing up your current ones. Adding some cute winter socks peeking out of your Doc Martens is a great way to spice up your typical footwear while staying warm this winter.

Credit: Moon Boot

Staying warm is the number one priority to get through the winter season. However, there are some ways to do so while further experimenting with fashion and having fun with it. Enjoy! 

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