Liv Schreiber: An Inspiration to College Girls Everywhere

By Olivia Mazursky

This past week, our team got the chance to talk with Liv Schrieber, a brand consultant, Instagram influencer, stylist, and most importantly, a UW-Madison Alumni. Liv, a 25-year-old living in New York City, has made incredible strides since her time in Madison. 

She frequented all of the best Madison spots and thought fondly of her time here in the School of Journalism. She first dipped her toes into the social media industry when she began creating social media content for Kamps Fitness. Since then, she has worked in real estate, worked alongside Sara Blakley, the founder of Spanx, and started her own consulting business, Brand Caffeine, with her twin brother. 

Liv talked with us, finding out what interests us, how to reach out to someone you admire, how to be memorable in a job interview, and that you genuinely can do it all. She is passionate about her work and knowledgeable about the social media space, but she is so much fun. We loved hearing about her post-grad life, and she raves about how she has found her “lifers”. Talking with her felt like sitting down to hear advice from your older sister. She was so approachable and answered all of our questions, whether we believed they were silly or not. 

We got to hear about her career from start to the present, and it is unbelievable all of the ways that she has put herself out there. My favorite story that she told was when she reached out to an influencer consistently, hearing nothing, then one night, she was asked if she did the styling. Her first reaction was, of course, but her response was yes, and that day she dressed a handful of models to go on television. I applaud her for all of the risks she has taken, and it is evident that they have paid off for her.

The thing that I took away from our discussion was Liv is that you truly have to be a go-getter; you have to go the extra mile and do things that are out of your comfort zone or that your peers would never think of doing. She encouraged us to send handwritten notes to our interviewers and reach out to people with catchy lines that will make them stop and circle back to you. 

She has paved the way for many other girls in the industry, and her revolution is just beginning. Liv is such a presence; she gave us her all and her top-secret tips that we’ll be holding near and dear to our hearts. She came at us with energy, tough love, and we are so thankful that we got the opportunity to speak with her. We wish her the best, and we will be watching patiently for her next move!

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