10 Best Places to Buy Going Out Clothing

By Jamie Vacca

1. Edikted

Luna Faux Leather Flare Jeans

To start, Edikted is a staple in my going out wardrobe. Personally, I don’t always have the best of luck with their tops, but the Luna Faux Leather Flare Jeans are the most comfortable and flattering pants. Not only are they stretchy and cost-effective, but they go with absolutely everything. These pants are an easy swap-out for your average pair of jeans no matter the event.

2. For Love & Lemons

Fan Floral Bustier

While For Love & Lemons veers on the side of expensive, their corsets work wonders. The embroidery on the corsets is intricate and colorful, and the tops are unique from those of any other brand. One of my favorites is the Fan Floral Bustier. These corsets are an investment worth making!

3. The Kript

Elemental Basik Corset

The Kript is a brand that not all are familiar with, but that has great shirts for going out. One of my favorites is the Elemental Basik Corset in brown, which can be paired with jeans or the Edikted pants mentioned above. Also, an added perk, The Kript has quick delivery and great customer service!

4. Revolve

Ramona Bustier Top by Superdown

Revolve can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, but there are several brands I like to visit for going out tops. First off, I like to check out Superdown. Not only do they have great going out tops, but they also have contemporary dresses and bathing suits. Two more brands that consistently have great options are Cosabella and AFRM.

5. Princess Polly

Torin Top

A classic shop, but Princess Polly has a wide variety of going out tops in every style and color, for every occasion. I’ve spent hours upon hours searching for tops on the website, and two of my favorites I have recently found  are the Torin Top and the Jessica PU Bustier.

6. Aritzia

The Melina Pant

Aritzia is a one-stop-shop for clothes for all occasions, and going out is no exception. While I don’t have the Melina Pant, many of my friends do, and I think they are a necessary addition to anyone’s wardrobe. I also love the Wilfred Shine Bustier from Aritzia, which can be styled in many different and creative ways.

7. Motel Rocks

Dyrana Top

Motel Rocks is always a great destination for going out outfits, as their tops come in a variety of prints to add excitement to any outfit. One of my favorites is the Dyrana Top, and it comes in many different colors. Motel Rocks also has great bootleg jeans, which are perfect for any night of the week.

8. Urban Outfitters

Out From Under Sabine Lace Bodysuit

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores with the most versatile selection of clothing. Urban has a variety of corsets, cropped tops, and denim. The Out From Under Sabine Lace Bodysuit is a must-have, and the Out From Under Lovestruck Lace Corset is one that I most definitely will be purchasing in the near future!

9. Zara

Faux Leather Corset Top

When I asked my friends their favorite places to shop for going out tops, many responded by saying Zara. Some of the reasons why they prefer to shop here are because of the low prices and the fact that they get new inventory every week! Upon looking at their website, I definitely want to order from Zara in the future. Some of my favorites that they have right now are the Faux Leather Corset Top and the Tulle Corset Top.

10. Tiger Mist

Maxwell Corset

Last but not least, Tiger Mist is a website that never disappoints. They have basics, prints, skirts, and dresses in all different styles. Tiger Mist has a wide selection of styles ranging from attire for clubs to bars to vacations. One of the tops I love is the Maxwell Corset. If you’re looking to add some color, I’d recommend the Harpar Corset.


Overall, there are an infinite number of websites that pride themselves on having an array of going out tops. While there are more that I did not mention, I hope this comprehensive list gives you new ideas for where to do your online shopping.

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