Emma Chamberlain: The Gen-Z It Girl

By Hailey Ravitz

Doc Martens, yoga pants, thrifting, and vintage denim. All of these things are popular because of one person: Emma Chamberlain. 

Credit: @emmachamberlain on Instagram

I have been a fan of Emma ever since her first days on Youtube in 2016. I found that she was not like most YouTubers I watched at the time; she was honest and authentic. Sometimes YouTubers and influencers feel too good to be true. Emma is not like that; she feels real. She is always unapologetically herself; that’s why so many people love her. 

Emma became a fashion icon without even trying. In 2018 she wore a comfy oversized tan teddy coat, so the rest of the world did too. When she started posting vlogs of her thrifting, every teenage girl pulled out their phone, looking for the closest vintage shop. Doc Martens returned because she wore them, and yoga pants became trendy because of the way she styled them. She was never trying to be a fashion influencer; she was just wearing what she loved. In a Glossy interview, Emma said, “I literally wear whatever I want; it changes constantly. I don’t put myself in a box in any way. If I simply like something for what it is, I wear it, and I don’t look at clothes based on anything besides whether or not I simply love them.” 

A simple love for clothes launched her into the fashion world. Today she has partnerships with brands like Louis Vuiton and Pacsun. She even attended the 2022 Met Gala as the Vogue red carpet correspondent. 

Credit: Insider.com

I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge Emma Chamberlain fan. While she has stopped posting Youtube videos, I still get my weekly dose of Emma by listening to her podcast “Anything Goes”. Here, Emma opens up about her mental health and daily experiences. She discusses topics such as body image, self-acceptance, standing up for yourself, and how to manage friendships. Even with 15.3 million Instagram followers, Emma still has bad days and plenty of insecurities. I recommend listening to “Anything Goes” for genuine advice and entertaining stories, as a fan of Emma or not. 

Credit: Audacy.com

Emma Chamberlain is one of the biggest influencers of the Gen-Z generation. She inspires her followers to be the best versions of themselves. I encourage everyone to hop on the Emma Chamberlain train because she is only going up from here. 

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