Easy Workouts To Do In Your Own Space

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your apartment or dorm room to go and work out. I’m here to share a few ideas on workouts to do in your own space on your own time!

Jump Roping

While jump roping may be a little loud (if you have suitemates), it’s a great option if you want to get in some cardio. I just got a jump rope and I’m super excited to use it. Here’s an affordable jump rope I found on Amazon!

Credit: amazon.com

Take a dance class

Taking a dance class is such a fun way to get exercise! There are so many options available on Youtube to check out. Here’s one I like to use.

Photo Credit:Youtube

Do an ab circuit

Doing ab workouts is probably one of my favorite forms of exercise! Pinterest has many options for ab circuits: easy or hard, long or short, equipment or not! 

Credit: Pinterest.com

Play Just Dance with friends

Just Dance is a great way to work out with your friends! There are so many versions of Just Dance to purchase if you have a gaming console. If you don’t have a gaming console, there are also many dances available on Youtube!

Credit: Genius.com

Do Yoga

I love yoga because it is so relaxing after a long day! It’s super easy to do in your dorm or apartment if you have a mat. There are so many classes available on YouTube just like the dance classes I mentioned earlier. This one is a Vinyasa flow class from Lululemon.

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is such a great way to work out while having fun. This is an affordable weighted hula hoop option.

Credit: Amazon.com

Take a HIIT class

One of my new favorite types of workout classes is HIIT (high interval intensity training) like this one.

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