How To Stay On Track Over the Weekend

The weekend arriving feels like a breath of fresh air. All my responsibilities are gone, I can sleep as much as I want and I can stay out late. But, when Sunday rolls around, I am shocked to realize that the following day is Monday. My freedom will soon be gone: relaxation time is over and it is back to reality. If you are like me and tired of having the Sunday Scaries, here is how to make the most of your weekend while staying on track for the week ahead

  1. Make a light schedule. 

I am not talking about scheduling your day hour by hour. But, at the least, schedule a time you want to wake up by, a time you want to try to fit in a workout or schedule a time for dinner. If you need to sleep in, then let yourself sleep in! But, also have in mind some things you want to do during the day or else you will fall into the trap of never leaving your bed until it is dinner time.

  1. Plan your meals ahead of time. 

I love going out to eat on the weekends, especially if I have made plans with friends. When I am out to eat I tend to go for unhealthy food options, which is totally ok! I have found that if I make an effort to add a salad to my dinner or fruit to my breakfast, I feel so much better at the end of the day. Planning which night you are ordering in or going out can help you think ahead about what it is you want to eat. You may end up choosing a more filling and healthier option with this extra preparation time.

Photo Credit: Breakfast, Salad, Yogurt Bowl

  1. Take the time to clean your room. 

During the week, your room can get messy with clothes, books, school stuff and so much more. Over the weekend it tends to get even messier – taking five minutes in the morning to make your bed, throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket and wipe down countertops will leave you feeling like you have accomplished something. It sounds silly, but I find that if I maintain a clean room over the weekend, I feel more secure and ready when Sunday rolls around. 

  1. Schedule in time to workout. 

This goes along with the idea of making a plan for the weekend, and I am not saying you have to workout at a specific time Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can take a break these three days if you want! But making time for a workout helps destress you from the week, and the bonus is you do not have to rush off to class after or finish homework. I love going for walks with my friends on the weekends and doing a light workout at the gym because I feel accomplished. 

So, these are all great things to do Friday and Saturday, but what about Sunday when reality hits that it is almost Monday again? Here are some things I try to do on Sundays, so I am more prepared for the week ahead. 

I will first do a deep clean of my room, rather than re-organizing stuff. I make a to-do list of what I need/want to get done during the week, like if I have a package to return or a recipe I want to try out. I then hit the gym and even though I am exhausted, it is the feeling afterward I aim for: strong and energized. Sundays should also be for self care, which is why making time to workout is always great. If you choose to have Sunday as a rest day that is totally understandable, so here are some other ways to practice self care! 

I love going to get a coffee with my friends, whether that be on a walk or what we like to call “a mental health drive.” This is where we just listen to good music and enjoy each other’s company. 

Taking the time to make a nice breakfast and fuel your body is also super important. Splurge a little if you want and take yourself out to breakfast too! 

It is also so important to get a good night’s sleep on Sunday. If you left all your work for Sunday night, that could be an issue. But, I cannot stress enough how much better you will start off your week than with more than enough sleep! Nothing is worse than waking up Monday morning groggy, exhausted and already rushing out the door because you slept past your alarm. 

I hope these tips and tricks help for staying on track over the weekend. It all comes down to acknowledging that incorporating these habits into your day is not work at all and actually saves you time and stress in the future!

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